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Our clients asked, and we listened! We now support other popular social platforms helping you grow your followers likes, views and more on other major social medias like: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more!

Frequently used services on Growthoid


Targeted Social Media Results

Growthoid helps you grow on all these popular social media platforms.

1. Target similar profiles

Create a list of accounts that have similar interest to your audience, so we can target the people that care about your content.

2. Grab their awareness

Growthoid will manually target people who fit your ideal target demographic which means you get the right types of followers everytime.

3. Get Instagram followers

Once your account manager engages with the targeted accounts you'll notice an immediate increase in Instagram followers + engagement.

Why Choose Growthoid?

Get Real Followers

Getting real followers is our core focus to boosting your Instagram reach organically, getting famous or leads has never been easier.

Risk Free Growth

We use the best techniques to grow your Instagram to steadily grow your fanbase, without putting any risk to your account. Cancel Anytime

Dedicated Manager

Growthoid supports your follower growth with a dedicated account manager to ensure success

Trusted By The Best

We are trusted in the industry, we work closely with marketing companies and support their clients too!

Artificial-AI Technology

We are using ground breaking technology, and constantly improving the performance of our service for our clients.

Analytical Reporting

We provide you with a full report tailored to your profile. With projections and in-detail statiscial information to make smater choices.

Analytic Reporting

You will be impressed with our reporting, get measurable followers count, fake followers check, audiance demographic follower growth, potential earning and brand associations.

Let's get started!

Instagram Marketing Agency

We are a traditional marketing agency, helping users increase their exposure by increasing Instagram followers to achieve their goals on Instagram with growth by hand!

What we are not: an Instagram bot or engagement service. Please do not confuse us - We do not condone these types of tools or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Growthoid cares about your satisfaction and results and we absolutely offer a guarantee. Our plans are no-contract plans that can be canceled whenever you want; we also provide a fair refund policy. We are proud to offer services that will deliver the highest-quality results in Instagram growth, and we recommend you use our services for a minimum of 14 days to see what we can do for you.

Since we grow your profile organically, it’s important that you have time to see the results over a period. You won’t be bound by contracts, keeping your growth safe and flexible.

Growthoid keeps your profile safe and doesn’t implement any strategies that are going to put your account in harm’s way. We comply with Instagram’s terms of use and your security is our top priority.

Unlike other services out there in Instagram growth that promise you immediate results, Growthoid doesn’t deliver fake followers. If you want to check to see if someone has bought fake followers, check out their engagement.

This is the easiest way to verify that someone is trying to take the easy way out. Growthoid, in contrast, never delivers low-quality, fake Instagram followers. You’ll only get the real deal with us, meaning your account is completely safe while using Growthoid.

Growthoid doesn’t use spam bots or mass automations to provide services, which helps immensely in keeping your account safe. The expert team at Growthoid has developed the most effective Instagram growth AI technology on the market to get you in contact with real, relevant Instagram followers.

Using AI technology coupled with real human oversight helps you to get real results quickly. All of the most effective techniques for Instagram growth are enhanced through Growthoid’s services.

Grow your followers by reaching your target audience faster and organically. It’s much better to stay away from bots and mass automation services as they can’t operate without breaching the Instagram terms of use.

There are a few different variables when it comes to growth speed. Our Growthoid team of experts will target your account and use AI technology to engage with profiles that align with your instruction. You, though, need to continue to produce high-quality content that attracts your target audience.

Clients typically see growth between 800 – 1500 real Instagram followers every month. Growthoid also offers two different packages, Standard and Premium, which can also affect growth levels. Premium offers quicker growth speeds that can get you more followers in half the time as the Standard package.

Using Growthoid’s analytic suite you can make better decisions for your Instagram strategy and gauge what is working, and what’s not. It’s important you monitor your Instagram analytics and adjust your content creation strategies when appropriate.

When you work with Growthoid, we help you to gain real, targeted Instagram followers. We never provide you with fake or inauthentic followers, as we know the repercussions of this and care about our clients’ results.

Our company’s mission is to provide genuine Instagram growth services and uphold a higher standard than companies which simply send you over fake followers. It’s important to us that you have real followers so you can see real-world results through using Growthoid.

You can check out what others have to say about Growthoid by viewing our case studies and reviews; your dedicated account manager will create the perfect customized campaigns to help you get the right followers for your Instagram profile.

So, yes — When you use a Growthoid plan, you will get REAL Instagram Followers.

Growthoid has two packages on offer when you Buy Instagram Followers: Standard and Premium. You can see what both packages will do for you here after you Buy IG Followers:

Standard is a plan that’s perfect for those looking to Buy IG Followers to push past a plateau or who want to start out with Instagram growth. The Standard plan grows with moderate speed and offers standard support. The plan costs $49/month and is a great choice if you want to get a taste of what Growthoid can do for you.

Premium is a plan that will be able to supercharge your Instagram growth by using more aggressive growth speeds to bring you more real Instagram followers quickly. You’ll also obtain priority support offered by your dedicated Growthoid account manager in case you need any assistance.

At the end of the day, you can figure out which Growthoid package is right for you by assessing your needs and understanding how quickly you want to grow your Instagram. Premium is much faster than Standard, making it a great option for those who are really serious about Instagram growth.

You can also buy cheap TikTok followers, if you want to Buy Followers on TikTok.

The Easy Way to Buy Real Instagram Followers

Instagram remains one of the top social networking sites for all different types of users, and for many reasons. It’s especially popular for brands, businesses, influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs to reach more users in their target audience and further their endeavors.


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