Why Growthoid?

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1. How it begun

With the distraction and lack of transparency in the Instagram marketing industry, we were sick and tired of poor services, fake followers and bots.

We created Growthoid with the mission to create a genuine marketing service people can use that only leverages organic techniques without the risk of getting your account shadowbanned or compromised. Helping you partner and achieve a boosted exposure in an authentic way.


2. Industry

We know how important social media is, and we understand the frustration with trying to stand out. We want to educate users on the difference between fake followers, bots or any other services that are against Instagram’s ToS.

We are a traditional Digital Marketing company with real people helping grow your account manually. Your account is in safe hands with us!


3. Results and Success

Because Growthoid has real account managers looking after your account, results might not be as quick as it might be when you purchase fake followers, or using a bot running on your account 24-7.

However, we are committed to growing your account with real, targeted followers and why is this better than the alternative options? Because when you grow your account with us you will achieve fame over time or more sales with REAL results. People will engage, and you won’t lose them…. Unless you post terrible content, ha!

We’ve helped create campaigns for some of the largest influencers and we’ve seen success on thousands of accounts, you cannot beat traditional marketing growth.
Join us, and here's to your success!

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David Derrick

Hey just want to say I'm really happy with the engagement so far, so thank you!

Verified Review

Tammy Fonseca

Team was great. We had a minor hiccup (my fault) with the targeting instructions. Very detailed walk-through of what to do. Thank you.

Verified Review

Sammy Galicia

I was kind of hesitant to sign up because I thought Growthoid was an automation... But it is really managed by humans which makes it that much better.  Real people are helping you grow your account.

Verified Review

Phil Barber

Saves me so much time because before I was doing all this myself. Not only am I growing faster but I don't have to do anything but focus on brand content.

Verified Review

Adrian Manrique

Thank you so much for helping us grow our business.  We are already impressed at your services.

Verified Review

Ryan Johnson

Why people don't try Growthoid is beyond me. Our accounts started on an upward trend ever since. Great decision. TY.

Verified Review