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Make money with Growthoid

Want to earn money and recommend a great service? Growthoid offers 30% recurring commissions on all sales for the future of the subscriber.

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Become a Growthoid Affiliate

Become a Growthoid Affiliate

Help your network grow with organic Instagram followers, get better reach, and get more likes and engagement. All the while you earn 30% recurring commissions.

Growthoid Affiliate Highlights

AGrowthoid Affiliate Highlights


30% Commission


Monthly assets to help you promote


45 days cookie tracking

Extra incentives to boost monthly commission


Payouts on time, everytime


Dedicated affiliate manager

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Join the Growthoid affiliate program in under than a minute.

Create your account

SCreate your account

Create an account by clicking below.

Provide the required details so that you can gain access to your affiliate dashboard.

Once the Growthoid affiliate team approves your account, you're ready to grab our high quality assets and images to assist you in your referral efforts.

"Not only have I helped my audience grow their Instagram accounts, Growthoid has really taken me under their wing and helped me be as successful as possible when it came to the Growthoid affiliate plan."

Phil Armstrong

"Growthoid is one of the most lucrative affiliate plans on my roster! My top converting affiliate promotions for Growthoid is around $3.21 EPC. And the assets and copy they give me is really good. It takes all the guesswork out of promoting their affiliate plan. "

Lindsay Bell

"I enjoyed my results when I started with Growthoid, so what better than to promote the Growthoid affiliate plan. I already yielded over $1000 and it's only been a month."

Jesus Catalunya

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Growthoid Affiliate Program?

The Growthoid affiliate program is ran by AffiliateWP and is very simple to sign up.
All you have to do is scroll up and click "sign up now", and you'll be redirected to the affiliate registration form. After that, you'll be vetted and approved for promotion.

So, I’ve submitted my affiliate application. What should I expect next?

After submission of your Growthoid affiliate application, our team will vet you and approve or decline within 24 to 48 business hours.

How do I get my links and other assets?

Look our for an email from your affiliate manager upon approval with a drive link to all pre-written email templates, images, and other assets to help you promote the Growthoid affiliate program.

How much do I earn for each referral?

With the Growthoid affiliate program, you earn 30% lifetime commissions

That means, every time you sign somebody up, you not only get paid for the initial month of their payment, but all following months as well.

How and when am I paid?

Payouts are conducted once a month, and are paid via PayPal OR Wise.

Please sign up to PayPal as a first option, but if you can't then we are happy to send your commissions via

Does it cost any price to become a Growthoid Affiliate?

No. Becoming a Growthoid affiliate is completely free of charge.

Can I monitor my own sales?

Yes of course. Our affiliate dashboard allows you to see a breakdown of clicks, referrals, and also sales.

Do I have any responsibilities to Growthoid as an affiliate?

Yes. We require that all our affiliates conduct themselves in a good and positive manner.

Spreading a positive message about Growthoid and our partners is also required once you become an affiliate.

What are the Terms of Services of the Growthoid Affiliate Program?

The terms of service for can be found here here.

Make sure to read this carefully because as a Growthoid affiliate you are bound by and agree to the terms of service.

How do you track the sales that I bring in?

It's very simple to track your Growthoid affiliate orders. Simply login to your affiliate area. Once inside your dashboard, you'll be able to see all corresponding stats and referral information.

What about orders that cancel or refund?

Orders that are cancelled or refunded within 30 days of referral date will not be paid out.

Can I promote Growthoid on more than one website?

Yes, by all means you're more than welcome to promote the Growthoid affiliate program on multiple sites.

When you register, please notate the other sites that you're going to promote your Growthoid affiliate promotional codes.

Can I be manually reviewed if my application is declined?

Unfortunately, if our Growthoid affiliate program staff decline your application, then it will not be manually reviewed. We have a specific vision of who we want to promote our brand and keep very tight reigns on that. You can always reapply in 90 days from initial apply date.