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We help people grow on Instagram through our managed Instagram growth services.

Ok, I'm Interested...
  • How Does Growthoid work?

    Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to input your targeting instructions. This gives your account manager the ammunition necessary to manually engage and interact with similar accounts.

    Once that happens, it’s crucial that you focus on creating top notch content geared toward connecting with your audience.

  • How many followers should I expect using Growthoid?

    This is not a set in stone answer. Each account is different and each audience is different. There’s tons of different variables that will make an Instagram more successful than the next.

    That being said, if you give us the appropriate targeting information and you focus on creating trending and engaging content then you should experience an exciting growth rate.

  • Will Growthoid work for my industry?

    Yes, Growthoid works for every industry.

    The key is to provide your account manager with detailed targeting instructions so that they can research and find more accounts to engage with.

  • Why do I need more Instagram followers?

    Why WOULDN’T you want more Instagram followers? If you’re trying to market your business or your brand online and you’re using Instagram then you’re obviously looking for more followers.

    If you want to make more money through monetization of your followers… You need more followers.

    If you want to send more traffic to your website through Instagram… You need more followers.

    If you want to grow your audience that stays with you for the life of your brand and business… You need more followers.

    More is always better when it comes to any audience, online or off.

  • What makes you guys different?

    First off, we actually care.

    Your success is what we thrive on.

    Secondly, you get a dedicated account manager that will be handling all the engagement from your account.

    Third, our support team is here to help you anytime.

So how do I get started...
  • What do I need to get started?

    To get started, we need you to complete the form, and fill out your targeting instructions.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    No, we do not offer a free trial.

    But, from experience, we can assure you that you will be 100% impressed with the growth your account manager can help you with.

  • I have a lot of accounts. Can I get a discount?

    We work with a lot of different agencies and we provide discounts for bulk accounts.

    Contact us to request a quote.

Alright, I just signed up...
  • What happens after I sign up?

    First off, congrats!

    Secondly — You’d have already been redirected to fill out your account creation form that gives US the info we need to start working on your account.

    If for any reason you did not see this form, pleas contact us now so we can help you get in touch with your account manager.

  • When will I start seeing results?

    Your account manager will start to manage your account within 24 hours of sign up.

    This time is critical for you to focus less on the results and more on creating amazing content and posting consistent content.

    By doing this, you’ll end up getting a lot better results.

  • Can I cancel my Growthoid account any time?

    Of course. There’s no contracts on any of our plans. Our commitment to letting our growth speak for itself is a must have value in our business.

  • Is my billing recurring?

    Yes, all plans automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle.

    If you want to cancel or change our plan, please contact us.

  • Will you post content for me?

    No, your account manager is solely responsible for engaging with your target’s account / images.

    We do not post any content on your behalf.

Uh-oh, I'm having issues...
  • I'm getting a "server error" when I try to connect my account.

    If you’re getting a server error, then simply click “ok” and re-input the information. If you are still having issues connecting then simply contact our support and we’ll help set up your account together.

  • I paid, but I wasn't redirected to the connection form.

    If you’ve paid but weren’t redirected to connect your account and choose your targets, then contact our support so we can help you.

  • I can't find my two factor authorization code.

    If you have two factor authorization enabled on your account then you’ll be redirected to input the code after you connect through our system. Instagram will send that code to the email or phone number on associated with your account.

  • I can't find my security code.

    Most times Instagram will verify your account by sending you a security code. If that’s the case then you’ll be redirected to input the code after you connect through our system. Instagram will send that code to the email or phone number on associated with your account.

  • Something else is wrong. What do I do?

    We’re always here to help you. Simply contact our support team and let them know what you need help with!

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Restaurant - Waffle house


I've been using Growthoid for well over 6 months now and safe to say, they know what they're doing. Way to go people!

Tammy Fonseca

Team was great. We had a minor hiccup (my fault) with the targeting instructions. Very detailed walk-through of what to do. Thank you.


Motivational Blogger


It’s been seamless from beginning to end! I’ve worked with other similar services and have never encountered a better system than at Growthoid. 5 stars from me.

Phil Barber

Saves me so much time because before I was doing all this myself. Not only am I growing faster but I don't have to do anything but focus on brand content.


Apparel Brand


I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Growthoid! With Growthoid I haven’t had to spend nearly as much time trying to build my following, which leads to investing my time and energy into other areas.

Ryan Johnson

Why people don't try Growthoid is beyond me. Our accounts started on an upward trend ever since. Great decision. TY.