How to Check Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram on Computer/PC (2022)

Instagram has continually evolved as a platform and has introduced a wide range of new features since its creation in 2010.

In fact, some of these features are hard to imagine the platform without— can you believe that Instagram never used to allow sharing videos?

Or imagine this: direct messages weren’t available on Instagram until 2013! With so many great uses for DMs on any social media platform, it’s difficult to remember a time when it wasn’t even around. 

Instagram isn’t simply used for sharing photos and videos these days; it’s actively become one of the strongest social media networks for businesses and brands to connect with potential leads and clients and even generate revenue on the platform. 

In order to maintain a visible presence on the platform, brands and businesses have to make good use of their DM features.

Customers these days expect an almost immediate answer when communicating with a business, so it’s important to stay on top of your Instagram inbox. 

In this article, we’ll help you understand how to get to your Instagram DMs on a computer to ensure you don’t miss a message as well as give you three pro tips for using DMs on Instagram to further your relationship building and marketing efforts.

Let’s get started! 

What is Direct Message, or DM, on Instagram? 

 Direct Message

For those of you that are still learning the lingo of social media networks, we’ll review the term direct message just to ensure we’re on the same page. 

Direct messages, commonly called DMs, is the feature that allows you to send a private message to either one or a group of users on Instagram.

You can send private messages, photos, videos, links, and even use Instagram to do video chats and send voice messages. 

There are almost endless possibilities with Instagram’s enhanced DM feature, making it a valuable addition to your business and communication strategy. 

It’s simple to check your DMs via the Instagram app, but let’s find out if it’s just as easy to check your Instagram DMs on a computer. 

Steps to Check Direct Messages on Instagram Using Your Desktop Computer

Although we almost always have a mobile phone at our disposal, it’s very easy to check your DMs via the Instagram app almost instantaneously.

Even still, if you find most of your workflow takes place in front of a computer, it may be more convenient to have your Instagram DMs all in one place and check them quickly as you’re working at the computer. 

The bigger screen of a desktop computer and full keyboard may make it even more user-friendly to review DMs and compose meaningful messages with rich media from a computer.

Apps are great and are also easy, but it might be even more effective for some to access Instagram DMs from a computer. 

If you want to use your computer to check your Instagram DMs, you can use your web browser on Instagram. It’s now a very simple process; however, not too long ago, it was challenging. 

Instagram didn’t always make DMs available via desktop computer. In the past, you had to open the app and view your messages from directly within your mobile device.

Instagram removed this antiquated procedure and now finding your Instagram DMs on a computer is very straightforward. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Visit via your web browser
  2. Log into your Instagram account
  3. On the main page, look at the top toolbar and find the Message icon, which looks like a small chat bubble 
  4. Click the Message icon to be taken to your DM inbox
  5. You’ll be directed to your DM inbox with all of the same information that you’d see on the Instagram app. 
Direct Messages on pc

Once in your inbox, you can respond to your messages, see message requests, and even toggle between other Instagram accounts that are linked and logged into.

You can also compose a new message from the left-hand side of the DM inbox. 

The only thing you cannot do on Instagram DMs via computer is start video chats. You can send images, GIFs, and emojis as normal. 

3 Pro Tips for Using DMs on Instagram 

Now that you know all of the ways to access your Instagram DMs, we’re going to give you three parting tips on how to use them to expand your relationships and reach more people on Instagram. 

Share Information with Your Followers 

Instagram is fairly limited in sharing more information with your followers because there is only one place to put a clickable link on the platform, which is in your Instagram bio. 

In order to avoid having to send your followers over to your bio, you can use your content to encourage them to ask you for information and then use DMs to give them those details. 

For instance, if you post a photo advertising your new restaurant opening, you can say “DM for details!” and they can send you a message, allowing you to give all further information or send any relevant links for making reservations or RSVPing, or even to find the location. 

You can also use Instagram stories to do the same; ask your viewers to respond to the story, which will create a DM, and then you can send them any information that is pertinent to what you were discussing in your story. 

Cold Contacting 

Another way you can use DMs to connect with your Instagram users is to send users in your target audience a DM to introduce yourself and your brand.

Don’t use automated DMs— this makes you look spammy and removes all personal connection opportunities. 

When you send personalized and informative DMs to new contacts, you can make a good first impression and get your content out to those that may like to see it.

This is why targeting is important; if you send your DMs to users that aren’t related to your niche, you won’t see many results.

Use DMs to Establish Relationships 

Last but not least, you can use DMs to build relationships with people who already follow you or others who don’t follow you yet.

You can provide them with information, build a personal connection, and offer your users something that they find value in. 

You don’t want to send a DM just asking for something— provide value to your target users or followers through DMs and you can get even more engagement and perhaps funnel more leads to external websites or grow your Instagram follower count. 

Final Thoughts: Check Instagram DMs on a Computer 

So there you have it! You can check your Instagram DMs on your computer for a more streamlined and comfortable workflow if you so choose. 

Not only that, you can use DMs to complement your Instagram marketing strategy and build relationships with target users and followers alike to promote lead generation, follower growth, and conversion. 

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