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Want To Scale Your Instagram Agency?

More Instagram Reach

As we all know, more reach on Instagram translates into more Instagram followers. That said, it’s crucial to maximize every content piece you upload whether that’s an image, video, story, or IGTV.

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More Instagram Engagement

What’s good content without engagement? As with reach, the more engagement you get on your Instagram content (uploads) the more Instagram followers you’re going to get. It’s that simple..

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More Instagram Followers

The most sought-after metric on Instagram is, of course, Instagram followers. Whatever your goals, having more Instagram followers is something that every influencer in training should strive for.

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Running an Instagram agency is not easy. Let Growthoid help you get the best results possible in a way that benefits you and your clients. They’ll never even know that it isn’t you!

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5 Tips on Choosing the Best Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram is still one of the most popular platforms for business growth and reaching new users in any niche or market. 

With over 1 billion monthly users on the platform, it’s no surprise that businesses, brands, influencers, and creators alike are investing in tools that can help them to grow their real Instagram followers and generate more interest in their products and services. 

While it is possible to do this task without the help of a third party, using an Instagram agency to help with growth and marketing endeavors can be invaluable in saving time and allowing you to focus on elements that really matter, such as content production and hashtag strategy, to name a few.

After reading this post, you’ll understand:

  • What an Instagram marketing agency does
  • How an Instagram agency can help with follower growth
  • What to look for when you choose an Instagram agency
  • Why Growthoid is an optimal Instagram agency

What is an Instagram Marketing Agency?

An Instagram marketing agency is a third party company that employs a team of experts to help you with getting your content noticed by more people. This isn’t going to be an agency that gains you fake followers or grows your account through automation. 

A successful Instagram agency will be able to help you with the following elements of your Instagram strategy: 

  • Generating interest in your profile: the main function of an Instagram marketing agency is to generate more interest around your profile. Because the company will be working directly with you, you’ll have access to real experts who know about user targeting and campaigning to get more people interested in your content. Your job is to produce quality content, and the Instagram agency will get the right people looking at it. 
  • Target audience reach enhancement: Instagram agencies have the expertise to bring you real, targeted users that will likely convert into followers. It’s vital that the new traffic brought to your account are actually interested in what you have to offer, as this is the only true way to gain real results through your Instagram marketing efforts. 
  • Engagements with more users: The most effective and popular strategy for a good Instagram agency is engagement with target users on the platform. Since this can be a time-consuming endeavor if you manage it on your own, the help of an Instagram marketing agency is increasingly desirable to Instagrammers who want to increase the amount of people they reach. 
  • Increasing your brand reputation: because Instagram marketing agencies don’t work via automation, your brand reputation won’t suffer; when you generate healthy interest and engagements on Instagram, your brand becomes more credible both through quality engagements and an increase of user engagement on your content. 

Growthoid as an Instagram Marketing Agency

While most people still consider follower growth as something that is difficult to achieve, with the right strategy in place, it can be perpetually increased; when it is consistently increasing, it begins to happen naturally and increases exponentially. 

Growthoid is an effective Instagram agency that can bring you optimal follower growth through marketing and engagement via expert account managers, which is a proven way to boost your Instagram followers

In the following sections, we’ll examine what you need to consider when you choose an account manager and the ways that Growthoid can meet those requirements. 

Instagram Agency Tip 1: Look for Open and Effective Communication

First and foremost, you must find an Instagram agency that operates with transparency and provides clear and consistent communication for their clients. If communication is not optimal or is lacking, it’s unlikely that you will be clear about your results. 

One great thing about Growthoid as an Instagram marketing agency is that their pro account managers are the ones in charge of your growth, which means you’ll have a point of contact that will help keep you informed about your Instagram growth. 

Not only that, Growthoid has a world-class support team that is very responsive and adept in helping you with anything from targeting to questions about your plan. They care about their clients and it’s something you always want to be aware of when choosing an Instagram agency.

Instagram Agency Tip 2: Engages with Users Effectively

There’s nothing worse that working with a third party company and finding out they don’t provide you with the best quality of engagements, or they are targeting the wrong users altogether. 

When people were mostly using automation for Instagram growth, this was a huge problem; the biggest complaint from clients of these services was that the targeting of the service was terrible and that they were receiving irrelevant followers that had zero interest in their content or niche. 

When you use an Instagram agency, you don’t have to worry about that, because they know exactly what kind of results you’re looking for based on your targeting instructions. This is exactly the service that Growthoid provides, and the Growthoid expert account managers know what to look for when determining which users you should be interacting with. 

You provide your targets, your Growthoid account manager will analyze that and create a tailored plan to make sure you get not only more reach for your content, but your content will be noticed by people who actually care about it, providing a better increase in followers. 

Instagram Agency Tip 3: They Know Their Clients

One thing that you should be sure of when hiring an Instagram agency is that they get to know their clients. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re going to learn about your favorite color and what you eat for dinner; while that’d be great, they want to know the important things— what your target audience is. 

When you provide your agency with your target audience, you’ve got to make sure that they can provide results for clients in that niche. Growthoid works with all niches and markets, so when you work with Growthoid as an Instagram agency, you won’t have to worry or wonder if they’ll be able to provide the results that you need. 

Instagram Agency Tip 4: They Care about Client Success

Another vital piece of the Instagram marketing agency puzzle is that the agency actually cares about their clients’ success. If the agency doesn’t care about the success of each client, chances are they’re just out there to turn a quick buck and won’t really give you much of anything in terms of results. 

One way that you can determine whether or not an agency cares about your success is through their understanding of your needs and targets, like Growthoid does. In addition to this, they will make every attempt they can to optimize your results and ensure that you are satisfied with the results you are seeing, which Growthoid also does. 

When you feel like your Instagram agency actually cares about you and your results, you will have more peace of mind that they’re working with your specific results in mind. Growthoid cares about client success, and every action an account manager takes reflects that. 

Instagram Agency Tip 5: An Account Manager Works with You Directly

If an Instagram agency doesn’t provide you with a dedicated account manager, you probably aren’t going to get the attention that they know you’ll need to see real results. For that reason, you should pay attention to who is going to be growing your account and how you’ll communicate your needs to them. 

Growthoid provides a dedicated account manager for their clients, which means you’ll have someone working on your Instagram growth that actually knows what your targets are, what kind of users you need to gain the interest of, and how to best tailor their strategy to generate interest around your content.

Why Use an Instagram Agency?

There are a variety of benefits that you can reap when you use an Instagram marketing agency instead of trying to take care of your Instagram growth solo. These benefits include: 

  • Streamlining your workflow: when you put an Instagram agency in charge of your growth, you can focus your attention on other things, including planning, creating, and posting your content. You can also devote time to other elements of your business, as well as captioning your content and hashtag strategy. 
  • Experts work for you: an Instagram marketing agency employs experts to help you, which means their know-how will help drive even better results and provide you expert targeting so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with those decisions. Leave it up to the experts and you can enjoy even better results. 
  • Someone monitors your results: when you’re spreading yourself across all the different Instagram tasks that need to be completed, sometimes monitoring and analyzing results is the last thing on your mind. When you work with an Instagram marketing agency, they do all that for you, which means there is yet another responsibility lifted off of your shoulders and left to the experts. 

Wrap-Up: Choosing an Instagram Agency

When choosing an Instagram agency, you should be selective— after all, the success of your Instagram is in the hands of the agency. If you want to hire an Instagram agency that is transparent, responsive, effective, and works through social media expertise and hand-tailored strategies, Growthoid is one of the best options on the market to check all of those boxes.