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Are you looking for Instagram followers that care about your content? Let Growthoid help you expand your reach and grow your Instagram audience.

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Are you looking for Instagram followers that care about your content? Let Growthoid help you expand your reach and grow your Instagram audience.

More Instagram Reach

As we all know, more reach on Instagram translates into more Instagram followers. That said, it’s crucial to maximize every content piece you upload whether that’s an image, video, story, or IGTV.

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More Instagram Engagement

What’s good content without engagement? As with reach, the more engagement you get on your Instagram content (uploads) the more Instagram followers you’re going to get. It’s that simple..

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More Instagram Followers

The most sought-after metric on Instagram is, of course, Instagram followers. Whatever your goals, having more Instagram followers is something that every influencer in training should strive for.

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Getting More Instagram Followers Doesn't Have To Be Hard Or Time Consuming...

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. By using the right tools (and services) you give yourself the best chance to grow your Instagram organically. Partner that with Growthoid and you have a solution that can and will help you achieve your Instagram follower goals.

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Real Instagram Growth

Tired of working with companies that don’t do much? If Instagram followers is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Growthoid. Our organic strategies are proven and time-tested to work.

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Real Instagram Engagement

An Instagram with no engagement means it’s not worth that much. Anybody can have a lot of followers, but if you can generate engagement and action, that’s what truly sets you apart.

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How More Followers Help Your Instagram Creator Account

Instagram is the biggest platform for business and brand marketing, and with so many different types of users on the platform, Instagram has made it easier for users to identify the type of content coming out of their account.Having a creator account on Instagram is a wonderful thing, and when you have a creator account, the key to your success is having more Instagram followers. We’ll discuss some of the best ways to make that happen!

What is an Instagram Creator Account?

There are three basic types of Instagram accounts: personal, professional, and creator. The creator account option used to be reserved for people who had over 10k followers, but has been opened up to the public to help establish influencers and content creators among other users that fit in this category.So, whether you are an influencer, artist, graphic designer, photographer, actor/actress, and more, you now have a place that you belong on Instagram, and your follower growth is unique. Each type of Instagram account has distinct needs, and there are best practices for each type, even for each business niche.If you have a creator account on Instagram, the following tips are for you. There are a lot of benefits that a high follower count can bring you, and we’ll discuss those briefly; we’ll then give you some tips to help you creators gain even more traction on Instagram and give yourself the competitive advantage.

Instagram Creator Account Success: Strong Follower Count

Having more Instagram followers is an important part of your success as an Instagram creator. The top three benefits of a high Instagram follower count include the following:

  • More Engagement: When you have more real people following you, you get more likes and comments, which helps your content to perform better. Your content will have a higher ranking in the news feed of your followers and could also be featured on the explore page. If you use hashtags, it will show up in the hashtag feed.
  • More Recommendations: People tell their friends about things they love. If you have a lot of followers that really like your account, they’ll be likely to recommend you to friends and even share your content. This is a great way to get more followers because it stems directly from your reputation and nothing more.
  • More Social Cred: We all know that reputation is built on high levels of trust and credibility, and you have more of both of those when you have more followers. The same is true for engagement, which is only going to grow through real follower count. When the magic combination of engagement and followers come together, you’ll have a big amount of social cred, which means people will trust you as a presence on Instagram and be more likely to care about you and what you’re offering. Social cred is one of the only ways to see real business results on Instagram, and more followers gives it to you.

All of these benefits leads to you being a figure on the Instagram platform that people trust, and when you achieve this, you can land Instagram sponsorships and deals if that is of interest to you. Without a healthy follower base, that opportunity won’t exist for you; sponsors and brands want to partner with users who have a lot of followers and especially healthy engagement levels.

Get More Followers for Your Instagram Creator Account: 5 Tips

If you want to get more Instagram followers for your Instagram creator account, we’ve got the hottest five tips for you that can boost your followers and get you headed in the right direction. Give yourself the competitive advantage you deserve.

Instagram Creator Tip 1: Growthoid

Growthoid is without a doubt the best method for follower growth; you can delegate your follower growth to us, giving yourself the time you need to focus on your content strategy, analytics, and more.Since our service is completely managed by hand, it’s like you cloned yourself— you’ll never put your account in danger with Instagram, and we completely align with the terms of service. Our expert account managers know just how to target your niche audience based on your instructions, and you’ll only see the most relevant users viewing your account and following you.The best thing about Growthoid is that when you use the service, you can implement the other strategies on this list to double or even triple your Instagram growth. That’s the most effective way to get more Instagram followers for your creator account.Our team is incredibly passionate about finding you the right followers and getting your account the attention it deserves. No other Instagram growth service on the market can offer the real Instagram follower growth that Growthoid does!

Instagram Creator Tip 2: Analytics and Target Audience

If you don’t know your target audience as a creator, it’ll be very difficult to create content that aligns with their needs and interests. For this reason, it’s vital that you understand who you want looking at your content, when they’re online, and what content performs best.How can you do this? Take advantage of the Instagram analytics that you’ll be provided via the Instagram platform, study your competitors, see what’s popular in your niche, and follow trends.First of all, as an Instagram creator, you’ll have a nice Instagram insights tool that will also give you data about the demographics of your followers as well as follow/unfollow information so you can see when you’re being followed and unfollowed.In order to keep up with the trends, also see what is popular content on your competitors’ accounts; don’t copy them, of course, but you want to be posting cutting-edge content that makes you relevant in relation to your competition. Your followers want to see that you know what’s going on in your niche and that your profile is a good representation of current trends in that area.Posting for your specific target audience and knowing that data is key for more Instagram followers on a creator account.

Instagram Creator Tip 3: Use All Instagram Features

Instagrammers expect to see a wide variety of content types from creators— if you are only using the feed to post photos or videos, you’re way behind. Users want to see you posting consistent Instagram stories that offer valuable info and engage and entertain them, they want reels, they want IGTV; there are so many features on IG these days that you’ve got to spend time on developing content throughout each of them.Instagram stories have added at least 28 minutes of average use time on Instagram alone, which means the features hold a powerful grip on user experience and if you are absent from them, your account looks incomplete. Hold a strong creator vibe by using all features on Instagram; users are definitely bound to see something valuable and give you a follow.

Instagram Creator Tip 4: Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content gets over 25% more engagement on Instagram, so finding ways to incorporate this on your profile will get you noticed by your followers, more engagement, as well as more users who are interested in what you have to offer.So, what is user-generated content (UGC)? UGC is any piece of content that has been created by another user. The most common form is through an Instagram story or a piece of content that has been tagged with your personal hashtag or your account name.You can prompt users to give you UGC in a variety of ways. Ask them to tag you, create contests, keep your eye out for any mentions or tags and share the content. When you share it, other users are more likely to begin to tag you and mention you because they want to be featured as well.UGC is a great way to boost your relationship with your followers and gain more attention for your account. If you don’t already have a brand-specific custom hashtag, create one so that users can tag it on their photos.

Instagram Creator Tip 5: Post at Least Once Per Day

If you’re absent from the platform, people will wonder what happened to you. IGers want to follow accounts that consistently offer them great content, so you have to be available to your community if you want more followers for your creator account.You should be posting at least once per day, and using Instagram stories at least once per day as well. You’ll notice that most users have a few stories posted, and not just one, so if you’re a creator, get used to doing that now for a more competitive account performance and more followers.

Best Way to Get more Followers for Instagram Creator Account

Creators are some of the most interesting and exciting people on Instagram; it would be a shame if your content didn’t get the views and the reach it deserved. The foundation for having a successful Instagram creator account is having more followers. Getting more followers can definitely take time, but give yourself the necessary boost through the Growthoid service! Don’t wait any longer— use our dedicated and expert account managers to help you get the popularity you deserve on Instagram. Implementing Growthoid in addition to the tips above will take your follower growth to new heights.