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Using Instagram For Business?

More Instagram Reach

As we all know, more reach on Instagram translates into more Instagram followers. That said, it’s crucial to maximize every content piece you upload whether that’s an image, video, story, or IGTV.

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More Instagram Engagement

What’s good content without engagement? As with reach, the more engagement you get on your Instagram content (uploads) the more Instagram followers you’re going to get. It’s that simple..

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More Instagram Followers

The most sought-after metric on Instagram is, of course, Instagram followers. Whatever your goals, having more Instagram followers is something that every influencer in training should strive for.

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Getting More Followers On Instagram For Business Doesn't Have To Be Hard Or Time Consuming...

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. By using the right tools (and services) you give yourself the best chance to grow your business Instagram organically. Partner that with Growthoid and you have a solution that can and will help you achieve your Instagram follower goals.

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Real Instagram Growth

Tired of working with companies that don’t do much? If Instagram followers is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Growthoid. Our organic strategies are proven and time-tested to work.

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Real Instagram Engagement

An Instagram with no engagement means it’s not worth that much. Anybody can have a lot of followers, but if you can generate engagement and action, that’s what truly sets you apart.

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Instagram for Business: 6 Ways a Higher Follower Count Can Help Your Business Growth

Instagram is the top platform for brands and businesses to tap into more people in their target market and expand profitability through marketing efforts and customer interaction. In fact, there is a huge opportunity to make some good conversion via Instagram, and businesses are already taking advantage of it.For instance, 90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account, and most users on the platform use Instagram as a go-to resource to find new brands and businesses that offer products and services that are of interest to them.This is also done through marketing efforts on Instagram; Instagram offers paid ads that you can use to sponsor your content, and you can create many different types of content across Instagram features to reach your target audience.The key to achieving better marketing and business results through Instagram is simple: exposure. You need more people viewing your content and you need more reach so that you can attract more Instagram followers.When you have more followers, you’ll get more engagement, and you’ll perform better on Instagram, naturally getting your content out to more people.We’re going to explain a bit about how the Instagram algorithm works so that you can see how a higher follower count can help your business endeavors on Instagram.

Instagram For Business: How does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm has gone through a variety of changes over the years, and the current algorithm is meant to favor the most important thing when it comes to measuring success on the platform— engagement.That means that when your posts have more engagement, they will perform better. Your posts will be shown higher in feeds when they have more engagement, both to your followers and general viewers on the platform.Your goal as a business is to get more people liking, commenting, sharing, and viewing your content. When you have an active follower base that cares about what you post and engages with your content, your success on Instagram will be naturally enhanced.For this reason, it’s vital that you increase your real Instagram followers. In the past, it was popular for people to buy fake Instagram followers to fortify their numbers, but this simply won’t deliver business results on Instagram these days.Not only that, if you have a bunch of fake followers, you won’t see any increase in conversion or ROI. Building a strong, real follower base is the only way to see business results through Instagram.

Instagram For Business: Benefits of a Big Audience

So, you want to use your Instagram for business. Before you start to focus on your follower count, there are a few things you’ll want to do:

  • Optimize your bio: Your bio is the first thing that users will see when they visit your profile, and it’s an important snapshot of your business. Make sure you have a good profile photo that reflects your business and brand image, give followers all necessary information for contacting you in your bio, and include any relevant external link there for funneling traffic out, as it’s the only place to put a clickable link on Instagram.
  • Make your profile public: You’re unlikely to get more followers if your account is set to private. When you use hashtags, your profile needs to be public so that it can appear in hashtag feeds to users who don’t already follow you. In addition, if a user wants to share your content with a friend, they won’t be able to see it if the account is private. This can be a strategy later on when you’re more established, but when you’re trying to build traction, make your account public.
  • Set your profile as a business account: You’ll have access to important insights and metrics when your profile is set up as a business account. You’ll also get more contact options for your bio so that users can reach out to you more easily. It’s easy to change your profile to a business account in your settings, and it’s totally free.

1. More Engagement

As we’ve seen, engagement is the key driver for Instagram success. When you gain more real followers who actually enjoy the content you post, you’ll see your engagement increase as well. If you have a bunch of followers that aren’t targeted to your account’s niche, your engagement will suffer.You also won’t see increased engagement when you buy fake followers or use Instagram bots, which will hurt your overall reputation and business trustworthiness.

2. More Potential Clients

The larger your Instagram audience, the larger your potential client base. It’s not a surprise that with over 1 billion active monthly Instagram users, having a large following on Instagram can lead to increased conversion and higher sales.

3. Shares and Referrals

It costs more to gain new clients than it does to keep an old one; when you are successful in providing users something with value on Instagram and they love your business or brand, their loyalty pays off— you’ll see them recommending you to their friends and family.If you can get people to refer your business via Instagram, you’ve already got your followers working for you. This is one of the top ways to grow your business on Instagram, and it’s really easy for users to share your Instagram posts and Instagram stories when they think you provide something really useful.You can also get people to share and refer your business when you create an engagement booster, such as hosting a giveaway.

4. Build a User-Generated Content Base

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best ways to build your credibility on Instagram. When users create Instagram content that features your product or service in some way, you can repost this, not only making the user feel special but also appealing to new viewers and other followers.UGC is also shown to get about 28% more engagement on Instagram, so it will also boost your performance against the algorithm. Creating a branded hashtag and encouraging your followers to use it when they create content is a great way to get more UGC; you can also have them mention you in stories and share those on your own profile.

5. Funnel Traffic to Your External Site

As we mentioned, you can put a clickable link in your Instagram bio. If you want your Instagram followers to click to an outside link where they can see more options for your products and/or services, you can direct them to your bio by posting “link in bio” on your feed content or stories.If your Instagram content is well created and used as a marketing tool, Instagram can be a great way to get more people funneled to your external website, leading to conversion and more product/service purchases.

6. Social Cred and Reputation

There’s no doubt that having a solid reputation on Instagram is important. It’s not uncommon these days for people to check out the social media account of a business before deciding whether or not to purchase from them, so it’s really a vital component of your business growth to establish a trustworthy and reputable image on Instagram.When you have a lot of followers and high levels of engagement on your content, people will consider you to be credible and worthy of their business. One way to establish yourself on Instagram is to optimize your bio, use all of the features that instagram offers to create unique and valuable content, and respond actively to all of the engagements you receive from users on the platform (comments, DMs, story reactions).Being responsive and active on Instagram instills confidence and accessibility in your brand, making you more reputable and more attractive to potential customers through your Instagram identity.

Instagram For Business: Growthoid as a Growth Strategy

There are many benefits to having real, organic Instagram followers when you are trying to fortify your business on Instagram. Getting more Instagram followers can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor on your own, so it’s better to take advantage of Instagram growth tools that can bring the users to your profile.Growthoid is the best option when using Instagram for business. You’ll get a dedicated account manager through our service that will work directly with the targeting options you provide to get the attention of users in your target audience.When you get more attention from users via Growthoid, real people will be checking out your content; you’ll gain more real, targeted followers when you use Growthoid, and you can spend the time that you save focusing on your content and hashtag strategies.Growthoid is the top choice for Instagram for business, and many clients have already seen big levels of growth not only in follower count but also in engagement and conversion. Don’t wait to take your Instagram growth to the next level— let Growthoid power your Instagram business growth and boost your visibility and follower count to new heights.It’s easy to get started, and once your account manager has all of your targets, you’ll begin to see relevant users flocking to your business Instagram.