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Growthoid is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for if you’re an Instagram influencer. We are 100% confident you will love it, saving yourself time to focus on your content creation and other Instagram strategies. Don’t waste your valuable time doing tedious work— delegate your Instagram growth to Growthoid and save hours on end every day.

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Get More Followers

The best tool for all the best Instagram influencers

Influencer marketing is huge on Instagram, and that means the demand for influencers is still larger than ever. Top influencers can earn substantial amounts of money through brand partnerships and ambassador deals, but you’ll need to keep your Instagram account competitive in order to do so. Growthoid will grow your Instagram audience and engagement so you can book the best influencer monetization opportunities while saving you time every day.

Growthoid is not:

  • A low-quality automation bot.
  • A service that makes promises we can’t keep. Your growth is guaranteed.

Here's what Growthoid is:

  • An organic Instagram growth service for Instagram influencers.
  • The best way to interact with users in your target audience to increase followers and engagement on Instagram.
  • A way to put your Instagram growth on autopilot and invest your hours into the tasks that need it most.
Best Instagram Growth Service

Organic growth designed for Instagram influencers

Growthoid is vital if you’re serious about upping your influencer marketing game. Use our organic growth service to naturally interact and engage with your target audience without spending hours liking, commenting, and following on your own time. Get real followers in a fraction of the time.

I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Growthoid! I've got only real followers who care about my content and profile. Awesome.

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche


Easy setup — no downloads or installs

Growthoid is completely secure and run in the cloud, which means you don’t have to download or run any additional software. You can get started in minutes.


Authentic Instagram followers

Growthoid gets you relevant and targeted followers that will care about your content and boost your attractiveness as an influencer.


100% targeted, organic growth

Growthoid implements the proven methods for Instagram growth through cutting-edge AI technology coupled with expert manager oversight. We implement smart filtering and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that work for you around the clock.


Get brand partnerships and sponsors

Growthoid provides Instagram influencers with the opportunity to focus less on menial interactions on Instagram and more on content creation and booking better influencer marketing deals.

💡 A sneak peek into the Growthoid process

Thousands of Instagram influencers trust Growthoid to engage through follow/unfollow, likes, story views, and other engagements with their followers.

Thousands of Growthoid users

Influencers, brand builders, and content creators choose Growthoid

If you’re serious about jumpstarting or expanding your Instagram influencer marketing efforts and want to monetize your Instagram content, you need to spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time creating outstanding content that sets your profile apart. Growthoid will take over the repetitive stuff while you redirect your time into more important tasks for your endeavor.

Do what the top Instagram influencers are doing. Put your Instagram growth in the hands of Growthoid and bring more partnerships to your profile.

Rapid Instagram Growth

How Growthoid Works

Getting started with Growthoid is a quick and easy process. You’ll need no more than 10 minutes to get your account completely set up so that your Growthoid account manager can work on creating your tailored campaign. You’ll get new, relevant followers for long-term Instagram growth. Growthoid is the #1 tool you need for influencer marketing partnerships.

Organic Growth Feature

Follow and Unfollow

One of the most effective methods in getting Instagram influencers more followers is the follow/unfollow method. It remains the top choice for getting real Instagram followers and generating more awareness in your account. The problem? It can take hours to do this on your own.

Save hours every day with Growthoid — don’t let your growth slip away at the expense of your workflow. Growthoid targets followers that are relevant and engaged on your account, using advanced filters to provide the utmost accuracy.

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💡 Keep your Instagram Feed Clean

Growthoid mutes followed accounts and removes those that don’t end up following you back so that your Instagram profile remains clean, with a balanced follower ratio. You can also white list accounts that you always want to follow.

Organic Growth Feature

Likes, reactions, and views

Another of the most effective Instagram growth strategies is engagement. When you engage with users’ content, they are likely to take notice of you and with the right targeting, they’ll be your newest follower.

High volume follower growth for Instagram influencers is guaranteed with organic engagement strategies, so let Growthoid implement that around the clock while you focus on blowing your new followers away with high-quality content that draws in marketing deals.

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Influencer Growth Feature

A focus on engagement rate

Instagram engagement is the lifeblood of Instagram influencers; while your follower count matters, micro-influencers with huge levels of engagement are becoming more popular on the platform. Growthoid knows this, and they know that potential marketing managers are checking out your engagement rate.

Not only does Growthoid help you get more Instagram followers, we also pay extra attention to your engagement rate so that you can get the most relevant followers and visitors that will increase both metrics. Growthoid’s services boost the potential of Instagram influencers and bring you a loyal, hyper-engaged audience.

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💡 Want to check your Instagram engagement rate?

Growthoid offers you a free Instagram engagement calculator so you can track your metrics and see your improvement, knowing what to say when a marketing partner asks you!

That’s just the beginning

Take your influencer marketing game to new heights

Serious about influencer marketing? Growthoid is too. We are the premier option for Instagram influencers who want to grow their following and engagement rate through secure and efficient organic growth. We promise to save you invaluable hours of your personal time and get your Instagram profile to the level of a top influencer.

Advanced Filters and Targets


Make sure you get the right followers by using filters such as location, username, hashtags, and many more.

Blacklist and whitelist


If there are accounts you never want to follow, blacklist them. If there are accounts you always want to follow, whitelist them.

Cutting-edge AI


Growthoid has developed a tried-and-true organic AI technology service that emulates human behavior and is monitored by expert growth managers.

Top-Tier Support


Growthoid is available to help you whenever you need anything, no questions asked.

What is Growthoid?

Growthoid is an organic Instagram growth service that gets you more Instagram followers, boosts your engagement, and makes you stand out among Instagram influencers. We don’t mess around with fake or bot followers— we get you real, engaged, and interested followers.

What levels of growth can I expect?

Growthoid clients typically see hundreds of new followers within the first days to two weeks. You’ll see continuous improvement as your algorithm performance goes up and your captivating content continues to attract users.

Best investment ever

Growthoid’s premium plan is everything you’ll ever need to stand out among Instagram influencers. You’ll also get a free Instagram downloader and an Instagram engagement calculator. Our plans start at just $49 per month, no contracts.

Can I try it out?

Of course! We pride ourselves in offering secure services and providing our clients with peace of mind when they work with us. Give us a try today and see what we can do for your Instagram growth!


Dedicated influencer marketing services + customer support

We know Instagram influencers — many of our team members have managed successful Instagram influencers themselves. If you ever find yourself in a bind and need some answers, send our stellar customer support team a message and we’ll get back to you in a flash!

Good results, a lot more engagement, and way more sales. Exactly what I was looking for from Instagram. Thanks Nitreo!

Kelly, Lifestyle Niche

Best Instagram growth service

Join the top Instagram influencers

Are you an Instagram influencer who is serious about influencer marketing? You need to focus all of your time and energy on creating high-quality content and finding the perfect brand partnerships. Growthoid will take care of the rest in terms of Instagram follower growth and engagement rates.

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Your leading organic Instagram growth service

Growthoid is more than just a way to get real Instagram followers, we are a comprehensive tool for long-term Instagram growth. We offer the best features, fair pricing, and the most advanced AI technology coupled with expert growth managers.

If you’re still not sure if Growthoid is for you, we’d love to hear from you and help you resolve any doubts you may have!

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Instagram Influencers FAQ

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram used to display content in chronological order, but they changed that algorithm to better serve the needs of their users. Now, there are a variety of ranking signals that Instagram uses to display content:

  • Post recency
  • Relationship
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves)
  • User behavior
  • Interest
  • Frequency of Instagram use

All of these ranking signals determine the value of your Instagram content in accordance with users of the platform, ultimately being the one thing that will either show them that content or skip it in their feed.

For example, if a user frequently engages with your Instagram posts or videos, searches for your profile, or interacts with your account through DMs or comments, the Instagram algorithm will be more likely to prioritize your content for that user. This is both about user behavior as well as the relationship that you have with the user.

There’s no doubt that engagement plays a substantial role in how the Instagram algorithm will decide the value of your posts which Instagram users they’ll be distributed to.

How Can I Increase My Instagram Followers and Engagement?

Having a strong follower count and engagement rate is important on Instagram if you want to have a constantly growing profile. Growthoid will help you to get this social proof through natural and organic engagements, advanced targeting, and Instagram automation.

Get more Instagram followers and engagement without spending hours of your own time searching for your target audience and interacting yourself.

If you want to optimize your results with Growthoid and help the organic service help you, you can follow the subsequent tips for even more Instagram followers.

Here are five things you can do right now to boost your Instagram growth:

  1. Understand your target audience by using Instagram insights as well as observing your content. Ask yourself about your demographic, what the needs/wants of your audience is, and what other Instagram accounts or hashtags they’re likely to follow or search for.
  2. Create a wide range of Instagram content formats and ensure that all of your posts align with your brand image and aesthetic.
  3. Participate in trending conversations on your profile and on others, as well as respond to DMs from users in under 60 minutes.
  4. Use interactive Instagram stories to get users participating and enjoying your content even more. You’ll have a colored ring around your profile picture with an active Instagram story, so don’t miss that opportunity.
  5. Create captions that include targeted hashtags, insight into your Instagram post, as well as a call to action that gets your followers and viewers doing something.

If you do all of those things, you’ll no doubt see both your follower count and engagement rate increase on Instagram.

After you’ve started to implement these strategies on Instagram, come back to check out our Instagram engagement calculator to see just how your engagement has increased.

We can’t wait to get your Instagram profile in front of real users and gain real Instagram followers and engagement for you with the most effective Instagram tools available!

What Makes Growthoid the Best for Instagram Influencers?

Growthoid uses state-of-the-art AI technology that is constantly managed by our expert growth team to keep your Instagram growth running 24/7 with no risk to your profile. With natural, organic methods of interaction to generate interest in your Instagram account and content, Growthoid provides you with real Instagram followers consistently without you spending hours trying to get them.

You won’t see any other Instagram automation tools working with advanced filters like Growthoid, and the support team and account managers are of the highest caliber. Whenever you need anything, they’re right there to help you every step of the way.

Growthoid gives Instagram influencers a full suite of tools that helps you succeed in growing a loyal, engaged Instagram following to drive marketing partnerships and enhance Instagram monetization.