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As we all know, more reach on Instagram translates into more Instagram followers. That said, it’s crucial to maximize every content piece you upload whether that’s an image, video, story, or IGTV.

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More Instagram Engagement

What’s good content without engagement? As with reach, the more engagement you get on your Instagram content (uploads) the more Instagram followers you’re going to get. It’s that simple..

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More Instagram Followers

The most sought-after metric on Instagram is, of course, Instagram followers. Whatever your goals, having more Instagram followers is something that every influencer in training should strive for.

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Real Instagram Growth

Tired of working with companies that don’t do much? If Instagram followers is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Growthoid. Our organic strategies are proven and time-tested to work.

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Real Instagram Engagement

An Instagram with no engagement means it’s not worth that much. Anybody can have a lot of followers, but if you can generate engagement and action, that’s what truly sets you apart.

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How to Get More Followers For Instagram Influencers

Ah, to be an Instagram influencer! Instagram influencers are some of the most interesting and lovely people on Instagram, and boy, do they create some great content. Following their awesome adventure and lifestyle content is surely exciting, but there’s no shortage of content on Instagram coming from influencers, so you need to build a following on Instagram to set yourself apart.Instagram influencers know that followers make a difference in their performance, but if you’re relatively new to becoming an influencer or are looking for reliable ways to get more Instagram followers, we’re going to tell you a bit more about the whole Instagram follower phenomenon and what you need to keep in mind while growing your account as an Instagram influencer.Time is money, so let’s go!

Instagram Influencers: Why do You Need More Followers?

While anyone can benefit from more Instagram followers, influencers need them perhaps more than anyone. The whole concept of being an Instagram influencer is based on how many followers you can reach and how many people like and see your content.There are a few very specific reasons, however, that influencers need more followers, and they are listed below.

More Engagement = More Partners

If you’re an influencer and you have a high follower count, that’s great! You are well on your way to becoming a successful influencer. When the whole idea of Instagram influencers first emerged, follower count was the principal qualification that partners looked for, but that is changing.In order to land sponsorship deals and brand partnerships as an influencer on Instagram, you must have good engagement. After all, brands and businesses who use influencer marketing want to see business results; if you have a bunch of followers that don’t engage with your content, they won’t see those results.You have to keep in mind that as an influencer, you are a means to an end. An active and engaged audience is the only way to gain sponsorships or partnerships these days. The only way to have good engagement levels to do this is to have more real, active followers who care about your content.

Build Social Cred and Reputation

It’s not a new phenomenon that people trust in groups and crowds; if you have a bunch of likes on your Instagram posts, for instance, people will see that and give you a sort of stamp of approval. This is called social cred: you gain trustworthiness and reputation points via your social media engagements.The more followers you have that engage with the content, the more people will trust you and see you as a credible influencer that has some clout on Instagram. This is the ultimate goal, as your reputation and image as an Instagram influencer defines you.

Get More Referrals and Shares

One natural and effective way to get more followers is through referrals and shares. If one of your followers really likes your content, they are likely to share it on their own social media or in a direct message to someone else they think would like it.When this happens, you can gain hundreds and even thousands of followers in a day if you have content that is really attractive and makes people want to share. Building up a strong base of real, loyal Instagram followers will help you as an influencer by getting them to share your content with friends, duplicating your Instagram follower growth. Who doesn’t want to turn one follower into 3 or 4?!

Instagram Influencers: Real Followers Matter

As you can see from the benefits of more Instagram followers, not only do you need to boost your numbers, but you need the quality to be there as well. If you are an Instagram influencer and go around buying Instagram followers for appearances, you’ll find your success levels ultimately deflated.You have to have a real engaged audience that cares about your content if you want to make it as an Instagram influencer. Let’s take a look at some ways you can boost your Instagram followers.

5 Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers for Influencers

If you use a combination of the following 5 tips, your Instagram influencer account will be well on its way to flourishing. By no means should you only use one of these tips; put them all together for best results!

Instagram Influencer Tip 1: Use Growthoid

Growthoid is the trusted Instagram growth tool by influencers and creators alike; Growthoid knows how important it is for Instagram influencers to have real, active followers that engage with content, and that’s exactly what our account managers help you to achieve.After you sign up with Growthoid, our expert account managers take the targeting instructions that you provide and engage with users that meet that criteria; that way, you’ll get the most effective Instagram growth method implemented without having to sacrifice time that you need to focus on your content creation.We have thousands of happy clients that have seen their Instagram influencer status boosted with the use of Growthoid, and we’re so honored and proud to help our clients on their influencer journey.

Instagram Influencer Tip 2: Host a Giveaway

Giveaways allow you to really engage your followers and get them excited about you and what you have to offer. You can choose a prize that appeals specifically to your target audience, and then set a few required actions for them to do in order to gain an entry to the giveaway.Some actions that they can perform include following you, tagging a friend, sharing your post, and more. When you do a partner giveaway that includes one or more accounts, you’ll gain even more followers because they’ll need to follow both accounts that are partnered in the giveaway. Hosting a giveaway is a super quick and fun way to gain more followers and engagement on Instagram.

Instagram Influencer Tip 3: Be Active on Instagram Stories

Influencers are expected to be on Instagram stories; you must be using all of the features of Instagram to the best of your ability if you want more real followers as an influencer on Instagram.Users expect to get a glimpse of an influencer’s life through their stories; the average user spends 28 extra minutes on the platform because of Instagram stories, so it’s a big viewing point for you, and you need to take advantage of this feature.When you post stories, use hashtags so they can be seen in feeds. Also, when new users view your account, they’ll see you have an active story with the colored ring around your profile picture.

Instagram Influencer Tip 4: Do a Collab

If you want to get your content out there to more people in your target audience, a great way to do that can be through a collaboration with another account that is in your niche.You can collaborate via Instagram live, Instagram stories, or regular content features together. In any case, this is a great way to boost visibility and open yourself up to more followers in your target market. If you choose the right collaboration, it can be a mutually-beneficial relationship for a long time to come.

Instagram Influencer Tip 5: Write Engaging Captions

When you post something to Instagram, you need to consider all different elements— the focus of your image or post, the visual content, the aesthetic, the Instagram type of content, as well as the caption.Captions should not be an afterthought; these are the small snippets that allow you to expand on your brand image and let users on Instagram know who you are and what you stand for.You can post longer captions, and shorter captions, have a good mix, and use a call to action to promote comments, likes, and shares. When you use these types of engaging content captions, people will be more likely to spend time on your profile and will even consider sharing your content if you’ve given them something meaningful or interesting.

The Best Way to Get Instagram Followers for Influencers

It’s a popular endeavor these days, to be an Instagram influencer. That’s why having a healthy follower count of real, connected users who engage with your content is vital in setting yourself apart from the rest. You need to do this through great content and a combination of the strategies listed above.The best way to amplify your Instagram growth without taking time away from your Instagram content creation and strategy is to use Growthoid; Growthoid’s service works hard for you around the clock to get the real followers you need to make it as an influencer.We at Growthoid know how important it is to have real Instagram followers that engage with your content when you are an influencer, and we are passionate about helping our clients become as successful as they can be. Let us help you send your Instagram follower growth to the next level and get you the popularity you deserve as an Instagram influencer.