Instagram Live Statistics [Data for 2024]

Instagram has added many incredible features that were built for optimizing your connection with your target audience, and Instagram live is one of them. If you’re looking to have a better understanding of Instagram live statistics and how it can benefit your content strategy, this article is for you. 

Live streaming has earned its place across almost all social media networks, and with the recent addition of Instagram live shopping, it can be an invaluable place to reach your audience and generate more profits for your business. 

Not only that, you can use Instagram live for a variety of other things such as behind-the-scenes features, Q&A sessions, product launches, and much more. 

In this article, we’ll begin by giving you a rundown of IG live by the numbers— what are the most important Instagram live statistics that can help you guide your business strategy. We’ll then give you some insight into how to use Instagram live and tips that can get your content up and running in the best way to increase your views. 

After all, with over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, why not try as many tactics as possible to reach your audience in meaningful ways? Instagram live statistics show that it’s worth your while.

Instagram Live Statistics: At-A-Glance 

  • 80% of people prefer to watch a live video from a brand over reading a blog. 
  • 232 million people watched streaming or downloaded video in the US throughout 2020. 
  • Video quality was identified by 67% of viewers as the most important element when watching live streams.
  • 45% of audiences would pay for live video from a favorite speaker, performer, team, or public figure. 
  • Millenials are the largest group of live video consumers, with 63% regularly viewing live video content. 
  • Live video is expected to grow by up to 15 times what it currently is by 2022, giving it a share of 17% of all internet traffic. 
  • Instagram live videos get 27% more watch time minutes, averaging 24.41 minutes as opposed to on-demand video at 18 minutes. 
  • Consumers watch live video between 10-20 times longer than regular content on-demand. 
  • 53% of businesses broadcast live content at least once a week, and 29% go live daily. 
  • Having a large following on Instagram is proven to help boost your YouTube subscribers also.

Instagram Live Statistics: Viewers 

So, who are the main people that are watching Instagram live, and what are their viewing preferences? 

45% of US live stream viewers between the ages of 18-34 use Instagram for watching livestream video content, which was higher than YouTube, with only 31%. This already shows that Instagram is powerful when it comes to live streaming. 

Instagram is most popular with users falling within the 18-34 age range (60% of global IG user base), which means that the majority of Instagram users are starting to see more value in Instagram live. 

What do these viewers expect from live video streaming? 

Over half (67%) of live stream viewers say that video quality is the most important element when they check out a live broadcast. In addition, 45% of audiences would pay for live video content from a favorite influencer, speaker, performer, or team. 

According to Livestream, the most popular type of live broadcasts based on viewer watch patterns is breaking news (56%) followed by a tie between conferences or concerts (43%). 

All of the above are vital Instagram live statistics to keep in mind when you are designing your broadcast if you’re looking to achieve the best results possible.

Instagram Live Statistics for Businesses 

Depending on your business type and industry, you’re going to be featuring different types of content. The good news is that users are ready to connect with brands and businesses on Instagram, and the platform has continually implemented features to help facilitate that connection. 

90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business according to Instagram, and 2 in 3 of those surveyed agree that Instagram enables interaction with brands. After seeing ads on Instagram, 50% of users are more interested in the brand. 

This can extend to Instagram live, especially since you can do real-time advertisements for your products in a variety of different broadcast formats. You could do a product showcase, how-to, product reveal, collection launch, and so much more. 

Recently, Instagram implemented Instagram live shopping, which is a huge deal— if you’re a brand or business that sells physical products, or an influencer that promotes them, you could put those products right into your Instagram live so that users can buy. 

Instagram live statistics Sephora IG live shopping

Nearly half of people surveyed use Instagram to shop on a weekly basis, which solidifies the platform as a key figure in ecommerce and provides businesses with organic ways to advertise and increase revenue. 

54% of consumers are eager to see more video content from the brands and businesses they support, and through engaging and authentic IG live videos, you can give them what they’re looking for. 

Brands and businesses are becoming aware of this; Instagram statistics have had an impact on businesses in that 53% stream or broadcast live video on a weekly basis, with a whopping 29% streaming daily. 

If you’ve been apprehensive about IG live or haven’t taken the time to give it a go, now is the perfect moment to add a new element to your content strategy as we can see from these impactful Instagram statistics.

Instagram Live Statistics for Marketing 

There are countless ways you can beef up your content marketing strategy on Instagram, and Instagram live is one of them. 

According to MediaKix, 35% of marketers are currently using live video, which is an increase of 20% year over year. This may be because of the fact that 80% of people would rather watch a live video from a brand over reading their blog. 

Video is captivating audiences around the world, and consumers are even 39% more likely to share video content. 

Live video gives you the perfect opportunity— your viewers can let others know that you’re currently live, share your broadcast, and then share it even more if you decide to repost it to your IGTV or leave it in your Instagram stories after the broadcast is over. 

82% of viewers agree that they’d rather see a live stream over a brand’s social posts, so using Instagram live can give you an edge and reach your audience in an authentic and powerful way. 

Keep in mind that Instagram live videos will give you a couple of benefits in terms of reach as well: 

  • When an account is live on Instagram, followers receive a notification letting them know about the broadcast. 
  • Instagram live video broadcasts are pushed to the top of a user’s Instagram story feed, so you get immediate visibility when someone opens the app. 

Aside from all of the Instagram statistics, this alone is a good reason to do Instagram live streams regularly. Not to mention it helps to build a genuine relationship with your audience and encourages trust and loyalty.

Why Use Instagram Live? 

As we can see from Instagram live statistics and livestreaming stats in general, there are quite a few benefits to going live on the platform. It’s one of the best ways to interact in a more intimate and authentic way with your audience in real time. 

You show a human side to your brand, capture a wider audience, and keep people viewing your content longer. You’ll also shoot to higher visibility since Instagram alerts users when one of their followed accounts is broadcasting a live video. 

All live videos are displayed at the very front of the Instagram story feeds, so you’ll also attract attention there and get people to see that you’re live, potentially joining your stream or even just checking your profile out. 

There’s also a more interactive feel to Instagram live videos; you can respond directly to questions in the feed, bring viewers in to participate in the live video, and pin comments to the top so people see them as they join the feed. 

With the addition of Instagram shopping to IG live, you now have yet another incredible way to launch your products, showcase what your products can do, do Q&A about how they work, and much more, all leading to more clients, conversions, and revenue. 

How to Go Live on Instagram 

It may be a bit daunting the first few times you go live on Instagram, or even just the sheer idea of it, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel much better doing it frequently. 

We’re going to give you some insight into how to go live on Instagram as well as a few tips that can make your experience easier and more productive. 

Remember, 53% of businesses broadcast live content at least once a week, and 29% go live daily, so you’re not alone here— you also want to be sure to keep up with the competition and don’t get left behind in the video revolution. 

How to Use Instagram Live 

There are a few simple steps to start your live broadcast on Instagram. 

Step 1: Swipe to the right to open your IG stories camera. There’s a Live option at the bottom of the screen, so tap that. It doesn’t start the broadcast just yet, but it does tell you how many of your followers are actively using Instagram. 

Step 2: When you are ready, tap the circular button to begin the live stream. The app will test your connection, and after it’s finished, your live stream will be on. 

That’s it! You’re live. Here are some of the controls you’ll see at the bottom of your screen: 

  • Comment box: type comments back to your audience. This is especially useful if one person is helping you film and the other person is live. 
  • Question mark icon: share submitted questions from your audience. 
  • Paper plane icon: share your live stream.
  • Two faces icon: add another user as a co-host. 
  • Face with sparkles icon: apply filters to your IG live. 
  • Camera roll icon: share an image into your stream. 

Moderating Comments in Instagram Live 

Staying active and conversational is one of the pillars of Instagram live, so understanding how to moderate the comments will play a big role in the way you approach the format. There are a few ways you can track and moderate comments during your broadcast. 

You can even prevent comments that mention certain words/phrases, remove irrelevant or inappropriate content, and more. 

To hide comments on your Instagram live stream, you can do so in your Profile Settings before beginning. 

Under the Privacy menu, tap Comments to access comment controls. You can do a few things: 

  • Block specific people from commenting 
  • Toggle the option to hide offensive comments 
  • Manually filter certain words and/or phrases

If you decide to turn comments off completely, you can do so during your broadcast. Simply tap the three dots next to the comment box and choose Turn Off Commenting. 

In order to pin a comment to be available at the top of the comment feed for all viewers to see, you can tap and hold the chosen comment and it will pin to the feed. 

Share a Finished Instagram Live Broadcast

Done with your Instagram live and ready to repost it for the world to see? Great. It will automatically stay in your Instagram story for 24 hours, just as a normal story would. 

If you want to keep it for longer, you’ll have three options once the live feed has ended: 

  • Share to IGTV 
  • Download
  • Delete 

When you share to IGTV, your IG live will stay on your Instagram profile, allowing people to come back and see it after the 24 hour window in stories. 

In addition, you can download the live video to have and repost at any time, or even upload to other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. for more reach. 

Tips for Instagram Live 

In order to make your Instagram live broadcasts as effective, engaging, and successful as possible, there are a couple of different things you should keep in mind in terms of best practices. 

Remember, all content formats on Instagram require different things from the creator, so it’s important to understand the IG live format as best as possible and implement the following 5 tips to ensure smooth sailing. 

1. Create a Plan for Your Live Stream 

While you may find yourself going live on a whim, more often than not you should have a plan for your Instagram live, even if it’s just a rough outline. 

The thing about Instagram live is that it has to flow seamlessly, and if you don’t have a good idea about what you’re going to do once you’re “on air,” you’re going to find yourself running into awkward silences and an end result that turned up directionless. 

Before you even start to plan your live stream, think of your purpose: what do you hope to share during this broadcast? Why are you going live? You need a clear understanding of what you’re going to discuss, teach, promote, or share during your stream. 

This will help you to create your IG live plan from a foundation of value. Then, you want to consider what format you are going to deliver this content in.

Instagram live offers a realm of possibilities, so you could do any of the following: 

  • Host a Q&A session with your audience
  • Explain how to use a product or service
  • Take your audience behind the scenes of your event, workspace, trip, etc. 
  • Recommend your favorite tools or products
  • Offer a “hack” (tip) on how to overcome a pain point for your target audience 
  • Give a summary of your latest project or piece of content 
  • Announce a product launch or collection launch
  • Introduce a future event, giveaway, or contest
  • Interview someone relevant to your niche using the “add a friend” feature 
  • Discuss company-related topics, metrics, and future goals 
  • Reveal why your company does something in a particular way 
  • Give a “day in the life” overview of what your typical day looks like 
  • Review a product/service that’s valuable to your audience 
  • React to a particular piece of news or industry announcement 
  • Talk about common issues / pain points and give your followers insight on how to avoid them 

These are just some suggestions on what to do during your live broadcast, but remember— no matter which one you choose, you should be prepared with a plan. 

For example, if you’re going to do a Q&A, ask your followers to provide you with questions in advance via Instagram story using the questions sticker. That way, when the day comes, you already have material to go to instead of hoping for the best and waiting for someone to ask you something. 

Practice what you have planned and remember to get all of the tech aspects ready (more on that in point 4). Remind your audience of your purpose or goal throughout the live broadcast, and don’t forget to include a call to action: what should they do while/after watching this video? 

Make sure you’ve identified metrics to track once the stream is over to see if your Instagram live broadcast delivered on the results you were hoping for. 

2. Promote Your Live Stream 

Once you’ve got all of the logistics down (date, time, topic), let your followers in on the fun and make sure to promote your live stream so they know when to tune in. 

Instagram stories is a great platform for Instagram live promotion because it’s the same type of content format in nature and it’s quick, easy-access content that is only around for 24 hours. 

Give your followers an incentive to come to your live stream— what is the value they’re going to get from tuning in? Is there a big announcement they don’t want to miss? Are you going to provide a special offer or discount code? Hook them in. Give them FOMO (fear of missing out). 

You can start promoting your IG live video a day or two in advance so that people know when it’s coming. Any longer than a week in advance is too long. 

3. Stay Live for 10+ Minutes 

Instagram live statistics show that if your video is longer, they tend to reach more people, gain more watch time, and perform better overall. If your video is too short, it’ll be over before people are even able to join in. 

Longer live streams also offer more content, which means people have value. Not only that, users pop in and out of live streams, so the longer you’re on, the more of a chance you have to be seen by more viewers and get them to stay.

The longest you can stay on an Instagram live broadcast is 4 hours, extended from the previous 1 hour limit at the end of 2020. 

4. Configure Your Live Stream Tech

Because 67% of viewers identified video quality as the most important factor when viewing live videos, it’s important that you have all of your tech set up in advance. The Instagram live statistics don’t lie. If you start a live broadcast and you find that your image is blurry or the lighting is bad, you’re going to be in for trouble. 

A good way to make sure that everything is up to par is to record a test video. Run through your live stream and ask yourself questions like: 

  • Is the background clear and non-invasive? 
  • Is your audio clear? 
  • Is the camera steady? 
  • Is the video well-lit? 
  • Can you be seen clearly? 
  • Is the video image quality good? 
  • Is the video in frame? 

Consider using a phone stand and make sure that you’ve got a good angle. Testing and practicing your live stream in advance will make sure that not only is your plan and outline set in your mind, it will also ensure that you can work out any tech issues in advance. 

This can be more difficult if you’re going to be shooting from a live event; be flexible and ready to troubleshoot. You may consider using an artificial light source like a ring light if you find that lighting is a problem, both in your own location as well as out and about. 

5. Interact and Engage 

Last but not least, Instagram live is an authentic and organic video format that allows you to have an “up-close-and-personal” feel with your audience. Make sure that you’re using that to your benefit and interacting with your viewers. 

Pin relevant comments to the feed so that others can see them; monitor the comment stream so that you can respond and give shoutouts to users who are communicating with you. 

If you find that you get too many comments, you may consider someone to help support you and highlight any comments to respond to so you don’t get distracted from your video.

As we mentioned above, reiterate the purpose of your broadcast and call-to-action for your followers so that they know what actions to take. Involve any relevant guests that may add value to your live stream. 

When you interact and engage with your audience on Instagram live, people get to see a human side to your brand or business, helping you to build a relationship as well as trust. 

Final Thoughts: Statistics for Instagram Live 

Video content is consistently performing well on social media. Live broadcasts are not left in the dust— don’t forget that they’re projected to grow fifteen fold by 2022 and occupy a 17% share of internet traffic (Cisco)

Not only that, consumers prefer live video as opposed to other types of content that your brand can produce; for instance, 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video than reading a blog (Livestream).

Instagram has many different content formats, and the more established your brand is on a variety of them, the more professional your content will be with different outlets to connect with your target audience. 

Instagram live is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your brand, boost profits, engage your followers, and get your content to the front of the Instagram story feed. Follow the tips listed above and we hope that our Instagram live statistics have helped you to see the value of live streams, even if you have a bit of stage fright!  

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