50 Instagram Themes Ideas & How to Get Them

Are you trying to get more Instagram followers and increase your presence on the platform? It can be a tough challenge, and if you’re looking for some new strategies to make your profile stand out, there are plenty of things you can do. 

One of the best things you can do for your profile is to try out a new look for your profile. If you’ve been trying to create a cohesive look for your profile but don’t know where to start, this guide is for you! 

There are so many different Instagram themes that you can align your content with, so the first thing you want to do is think about which style will best fit with your brand and make sense for your content. 

This guide will give you some insight into 50 incredible Instagram themes that you can apply to your content and filtering. Let’s take a look! 

Why you Need an Instagram Theme 

You may be wondering why you need an Instagram theme at all. Does your content all really need to fit together with an overall energy? Can’t you just post photos that look however you want them to? 

While you most certainly can post whatever you want on your Instagram, there’s a lot to be said for choosing an overall theme for your aesthetic. 

When you have the right Instagram theme, your brand has a cohesive look and it helps your brand to stand out amongst the competition. 

Let’s say a new Instagram viewer comes across your profile; they’re going to look at your bio as well as the first 6-9 Instagram posts on your profile. If you’ve got a beautifully-tailored aesthetic with a cohesive theme, your profile will look more professional and attractive, being more likely to capture that new follower. 

In addition, it can also actually make it easier to decide what to post. You will have a set structure and look for your Instagram, allowing you to understand which types of content won’t fit and which ones can help to support the theme in a great way. 

Users will be able to recognize your posts when they come across them because they always follow this unified aesthetic— Instagram themes create consistency for your content and boost your reputation. 

Keep in mind that you can keep your chosen theme going even in Instagram stories for an even stronger theme and brand identity. 

Here are 50 of the most popular Instagram themes and aesthetics as well as how to create them. 

Color-Based Instagram Themes 

The following themes are all aligned by colors, helping you to have that special pop and accenting different colored elements from within your photo content. This is great for brands and businesses with signature colors. 

1. Blue Instagram Theme 

Blue Instagram Theme

A cool, calming color, blue is one of those colors that everyone loves and that can really get your Instagram to stand out. There are so many different tones of blue and so many different things that you can use in your content, like water and the sky, to show off your blue Instagram content. 

How to get the look: 

Since blue is very common in nature, it’s great for photography accounts or nature-lovers. You can also use the sky or the ocean as backdrops for quotes or other messages that you want to convey to your followers. If your brand color is blue, it’s excellent to create a fully blue-themed IG for an authentic brand personality. 

2. Red Instagram Theme 

Red Theme

Another widely popular color that can be found very frequently, red is a color that shows off power, passion, and love. There are also many different tones of red that can help your content get a completely unique feel. 

How to get the look: 

If your brand already has a particular brand color, you should use that one for your Instagram content theme. If not, and you’re looking for a strong color that will set your brand apart with your Instagram theme, consider red. Red personifies strength, determination, desire, and passion. If you feel like your customers would identify with those feelings, it could be the perfect option for you. 

3. Black and White Theme 

Black & White Theme

Black and white is super classic, so people love it— with a hint of nostalgia and sophistication, there’s a lot of elegance and mystery that a black and white Instagram theme can give your account. You can also use strategic color pops now and then to highlight content and other photo elements. 

How to get the look: 

One thing you’ll want to look at is filters; if your photography is done completely in black and white, that will help you, but photo editors always include many different features and filters to enhance your photos for black and while. Having strong contrasts will also help here in creating clear images, or even mysterious ones if that’s what you’re looking for. 

4. Orange Theme 

Orange Theme

Choosing orange as an Instagram theme is a great option as it is a warmer color that is very soothing and happy. It’s up to you if you want to stick with one shade on the whole theme or change up your content offerings depending on the day. No matter what color you select, you should always incorporate multiple shades of the color as there are many different ones to choose from.

How to get the look: 

You can show a variety of different emotions through orange— playfulness with bright orange, calmness with light orange, or enthusiasm with any tone. When you want to brighten up someone’s feed, share a beautiful sunset, or any other types of content that features orange. You can use filters to add more orange to your photos as well. 

5. Yellow Theme 


@bumble definitely takes advantage of their signature brand color in creating a fun and upbeat Instagram presence using yellow. They use a combination of photos, written text, and videos to create a solid Instagram profile that over 500k followers enjoy.

How to get the look: 

The energy of yellow gives off happiness, positivity and energy. When you choose a single color for an Instagram theme, it’s vital that it’s a solid representation of your brand or business. Once you choose yellow, make sure that each and every post somehow incorporates it. Whether it’s a small accent piece or the entire background, yellow will be the one common element linking all of your posts together.

Bright Instagram Themes 

Here we’re moving away from one set color theme for Instagram and going into an energy. When you use a bright Instagram theme, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience right away and they’ll be energized by your content, helping to strengthen your reputation and follower count. 

6. Nature Themed 


There are plenty of incredible nature-themed Instagram accounts— just take @naturedominates for example. They use a very soft and natural theme to show the beauty of nature and bring a little brightness to their users. Their level of photography and color use is top! 

How to get the look: 

The best thing you can do is start to take more and more photos. Find ways to incorporate nature into your photos; even if you’re a brand and want to highlight your product, you can use natural settings and backgrounds to highlight your products in a natural way. You can always research on YouTube how to capture nature or follow @bohnmulloy for some excellent ideas on how to incorporate natural elements in photography of non-natural subject matter. 

7. Neon Instagram Theme  


People love the vibrant nature of a good neon theme, and you’ll definitely be able to pop out from the rest in the feed of your followers. Check out @vaporwave or @bintleyart for some inspiration! 

How to get the look: 

Neon is very bright, so your whole photo doesn’t have to be saturated in it— just add a little neon to every post that you upload. It can be very subtle, it could be the whole background, or a statement piece in your photo, but no matter what, it’ll definitely stand out and get your content noticed. The key is to be consistent— you don’t want your followers wondering what’s up with the neon and why it comes and goes. 

8. Bold and Vibrant Theme 

@Latinxwithplants are pros when it comes to showing off vibrant, bold colors in their themes. They have some of the coolest plants in Los Angeles, but don’t stop there— many of their photos include colorful backgrounds, signs, rugs, and more, making a strong statement with a lot of sass. 

How to get the look: 

Don’t be afraid to express yourself through creativity. Use that creative nature and the mixture of tones and vibes to give your content a vibrant and bold look. Consider using a mix of color, patterns, and your photo’s subject matter. 

9. Floral Theme 


You may immediately think about a florist or wedding flowers when you think about a floral theme, but there are so many possibilities to feature flowers in many different types of content, including fashion, makeup, and more. Floral patterns are definitely in. Keep some elements of flowers or flower patterns in all of your content and branding. 

How to get the look: 

Plan a photo shoot day to get all of your floral content ready to post. Find a local botanical garden or choose some flowers from your garden or a local florist. Then, mix and match them with your outfits, products, models or whatever you want to be the focal point of your photos— again, @bohnmulloy or @maryvinestreet have great examples of this. If you plan it out correctly, you could have tons of content with minimal photo shoots, optimizing your workflow and staying consistent on your theme.

10. Summer Theme 


Everyone loves the vibe of summer— carefree, wind in your hair, and feeling good. When you want a summeresque Instagram theme, you can implement bright and beachy colors with warm elements. You can stand out and have people loving the energy of your content. Graphics and quotes can also give off this energy, especially when using traditional summer colors that integrate with your other content. 

How to get the look: 

Build up your summer image stockpile; take loads of photos when it’s summertime and always keep the focus on this style. You can also travel to summer destinations and take photos there so that you can post throughout the year. Filters like Perpetua also give off a real summer vibe, so using filters also infuse your content with summer style. 

Muted Instagram Themes 

Not everything has to be bright and in your face— there are plenty of successful and flourishing Instagram accounts that use styles much more under the radar. In true modern style, muted Instagram themes can be powerful for your brand if it fits your image. 

11. Pastel Theme 


Pastels help people to feel calm, cool, and collected; it’s also great for very cute products and even accounts that feature feminine clothing or soothing products. They can be particularly satisfying for viewers and also coincide well with many brands’ color schemes, such as @clayduststudio.

How to get the look: 

Even though there are colors involved, pastels are often muted and calming, so you want to be sure that this feeling aligns with your brand images. Shoot your content using as many pastel colors as you can; you can also use filters like Valencia to highlight those colors and make them stand out. If you feel that your content is too bright, you can dull out the color with an editor or even minimize the contrast. 

12. Light and Airy Theme 


With loads of simplicity, light and airy Instagram themes make you feel that you’re floating in the clouds. @ryleeandcru knows exactly how to do this and keeps their products completely featured in an almost ethereal way. @mollystore.ar is also incredible at this with such cute content. 

How to get the look: 

You’re going to focus your energy on natural lighting, white backgrounds, and simple colors without a lot of contrast or brightness. This is key before you edit— otherwise you won’t be able to achieve your desired aesthetic. Look to include around 75% of white space in the background, so try out a bunch of different backgrounds and angles; it’s a good idea to plan to shoot a good amount of content all at one time so you can minimize your workload. 

13. Grayscale Instagram Theme 

Grayscale is similar to a black and white Instagram theme but you’ll have a bit more freedom and flexibility. Grayscale has room for more of the complete scale of gray as opposed to stark black and white. You can even include color pops in some content that fit within your brand image. 

How to get the look: 

If you’re a grayscale artist like @carlotta.w80, you will have no problem using this theme with ease. If not, take a look at influencer @k.els.e.y who uses some stunning grayscale images in her feed, although she does combine many different color images that still remain on the muted side, working well with the grayscale look. 

14. Mystical Instagram Theme 


Mystical themes don’t have to be unicorns and fantasy figures, it could be using elements that create a sort of light mystery to your profile. This could be using different photo techniques to create blurred elements in images, applying hazy filters, and more. You can create suspense and excitement through mystical Instagram themes. 

How to get the look: 

The best thing you can do here is to use a warm undertone for your image through colors like pink, orange, or red, creating mystery without making your photos or Instagram cold. You can use a filter such as Slumber to give it that extra boost. You can use depth photography or blurred images that you may have initially thought about deleting; see how your audience reacts. 

15. Winter Theme


On the total opposite spectrum of summer, winter can also be an interesting theme, especially if you’re from an area that’s cold yet beautiful. With some seriously crisp images, a winter theme can help you stick out amongst other Instagrams in your niche. You could even use a winter color scheme if you don’t shoot content using winter landscapes. 

How to get the look: 

If you shoot winter content or photos of ice, snow, and mountains, great. You can use those to remain connected to your winter theme. If not, take the color of those things— create a pinterest board with these photo elements and use the colors in your content and digital image creation. Bright blues, whites, grays, and even some light oranges and browns from the trees can give your Instagram a wintery vibe. 

Antique Instagram Themes 

Antique themes are one of the most popular categories on Instagram, so you’ll have no shortage of inspiration when looking through Instagram accounts. We’ll talk about the five different antique themes to help you get a strong brand image across. 

16. Vintage Theme  


If you’re in the business of dealing with antique objects, architecture, and more, using a vintage theme can be extra beneficial. @prettylittlefawn knows all about this. You can include a wide variety in terms of photo content, but the key is to keep your color palette consistent in all of your photos. 

How to get the look: 

Warm, earthy tones are at the heart of a vintage theme, so that’s what you want to focus on. You can use a program like Afterlight to get precise photo editing and then use an app like VSCO for a wide range of filters that can keep your photos looking vintage and delicate. 

17. Grunge Theme


If you’re looking for an antique with a bit more rebellious attitude, a grunge Instagram theme may be just for you. This has an old rocker vibe that captures the 80s and 90s nostalgia that pretty much all millennials have. This is great for fashion and music accounts with connections to this era through style and sound. 

How to get the look: 

The Juno filter is also applicable here to give your photos an intensity with warm colors, adding profound richness to your photos. This is great, but your photos have to portray the attitude of grunge, so plan out a shoot and make sure that the models you feature or the static content puts forth a rebellious, mysterious, or powerful feel. 

18. Faded Look


Your Instagram will have a somewhat muted and classic energy when you use a faded look Instagram theme, giving it a sort of vintage appeal with diverse modern content. Dim the intensity of your colors and you’ll have photos that look as if they’ve been sunkissed. 

How to get the look: 

Any photo can appear to be faded by minimizing the brightness or saturation in your photo editor. You can also use a filter like 1977 provided by Instagram. The idea here is that all colors are a bit muted and flat, giving your photos an older, aged feel. 

19. Gloomy Theme


Gloomy doesn’t have to mean depressed— it can create a haunting sense of emotion within your followers. If you are from an area that gets a lot of rain, such as the UK or even the Pacific Northwest, you’ll be able to capture some really unique and interesting gloomy photos naturally. 

How to get the look: 

Gloomy photos will typically have less saturation and some fog-like energy, so you can use the blur tool to do this or even create a different cold hue through editing tools. Also, keep in mind this moody vibe when you shoot your content to give yourself less editing work to do later. 

20. Retro and Nostalgic 


One of our personal favorites, retro and nostalgic looks back to a particular design style inspired by the 80s and 90s pop culture. You could even take it back to the 50s or 70s depending on what particular design elements inspire you most. 

How to get the look: 

Create a pinterest mood board that includes images from your desired decade— look at vintage ads, models, album covers, pop art, and more. You can then style your content and colors to reflect this theme. @benefitcosmetics does a great job, especially with their Instagram stories. You can add a retro vibe with apps like HUJI Cam, Camcorder, and Glitchr. 

Warm Instagram Themes 

Looking at Instagram accounts that use a warm theme can give you a sense of comfort and peace, and this is great for many different lifestyle bloggers or companies that provide products made for interior design or comfort. 

21. Fall Theme 


People love the energy that fall brings. With pumpkins, changing leaves, flannels, and holidays just around the corner, there’s much joy to be had in the fall. There is a lot of comfort and happiness that people feel in this season. 

How to get the look: 

If you want an Instagram theme that reflects fall, you’ll have to have classic photos that capture fall elements including leaves, pumpkins, football, and more. Be sure to highlight orange and red tones so that the true fall feeling can come through. If you create your own graphics, use those colors and also add rustic elements that give people a feeling of wood and nature. The account @halloween_days_ knows all about this! 

22. Romantic Theme


A nice light theme that still has plenty of warmth, romantic themes bring a lot of happiness and beauty to your Instagram profile. It doesn’t just have to be about love— a romantic Instagram theme is great for photographers, influencers, and those that want to show bright and enjoyable energy. It’s also great for accounts in the wedding niche, of course.

How to get the look: 

You want to ensure that your photos aren’t dark to begin with. Take photos that are bright and airy with a simple focus. Photos with a single focus and a simple background are usually successful here. You can use filters to give your photos a light, warm feeling, but less is typically more in a romantic theme. Check out @lulusweddings for some ideas. 

23. Coffee Theme


As you may have guessed, a coffee theme is perfect with deep and powerful tones for a coffee bar or a restaurant. Even still, you can easily incorporate a coffee theme into many of your photos if you’re a blogger or content creator. People love coffee as it is something that gets them through the day and also connects them with people. 

How to get the look: 

Keep your photos bold with browns, blacks, whites, and pops of green. You can highlight the darker undertones and shadows of your photos and focus on patterns such as tiles and woods that you might see at a cafe. @baristi.tj has some great examples.

24. Mild Warmth Theme 

Mild Warmth

One thing that can really make your images pop is to keep your backgrounds completely simple with a light off-white or pastel color, and focus on one particular image in the foreground. This style is noted very clearly in @modernthriftco, and it highlights their products beautifully. You get a warm feeling from the images and it draws you into their shop. @_claytina also does awesome work here with some other pieces of content featuring people wearing her earrings, and @ateliersucculents as well, with simply beautiful arrangements. 

How to get the look: 

Create a plain, simple background; it can always remain the same, or you can create some variation depending on your personal style. This also creates a very cohesive image for your Instagram account. People feel invited to your page and will be more likely to pay attention to the details of what’s in your main focal point. 

25. Warm and Cozy Theme 


There’s nothing quite like sipping a coffee in a cozy cafe or curling up under a blanket with your furry friend; those aren’t the only content options, but that’s how you want your followers to feel! @blakehealey and @nickyschmaderer_fit have some really warm Instagram photos that make you feel cozy and warm just looking at them. 

How to get the look: 

Here, you need to make sure that all of your Instagram photos have warm undertones and don’t focus on cool colors. Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are your friends.Try a variety of color combinations to find your rhythm. You can use Instagram filters or photo editors to also accentuate the warm tones and hues of your photos. 

Intense Instagram Themes 

If you want to show your power and passion, using an intense Instagram theme can definitely make a statement to your followers. There are a few ways you can do this. 

26. Bright and Different Theme 

Bright & Different

The idea here is to be bold and bright with stark colors and lots of contrast. You don’t have to focus on one particular subject matter, just ensure that the colors pop and the content is clearly defined. Your followers want to easily identify what they’re looking at and feel that bright image pop out at them. 

How to get the look: 

Filters such as Lark or Juno are great for this bright and different theme. Keep your photos full of contrast and keep them highly saturated as well, making for strong and beautiful images with different subject matter. This can be great for certain bloggers, such as lifestyle or travel, depending on your brand and personality. 

27. Dark and Moody Theme

Dark and Moody

Not everything is rainbows and butterflies, and perhaps you have a more somber, serious, or deep Instagram brand image that you want to portray. This can be achieved through a dark and moody Instagram theme, which can go far beyond black and white. @darknightpoetry has some excellent examples of this, integrating colors like deep purples, blues, and oranges to evoke some serious emotion. Even @champagnepapi, or artist of the decade Drake, goes for a more somber and moody theme on his Instagram. 

How to get the look: 

If you’re creating graphics yourself, you have a lot of freedom in how you want to achieve this. If not, consider using darker colors and moody filters and images with contrast to get your theme across. You can also take photos at night or use light strategically to create mood in your photos. 

28. Colorful Theme


You can use a colorful theme without focusing in one one particular color; this allows you to put forth a fun, playful image through your Instagram theme. You don’t have to be limited by green, red, etc.– you create bright, beautiful photos that give some energy to your feed. If your colors are especially vibrant or contrasted, the more intense the theme will be. 

How to get the look: 

Avoid using photos in grayscale, black, white, or really dark colors. These will cut into the intensity of your colorful theme and ruin the aesthetic. You want things to pop. Have fun, use a lot of colors, and keep strong focal points in all of your images. @k.el.e.y does great with their colorful theme and product features. 

29. Color-Blocking Theme 


Color blocking is loads of fun and creates a strong yet enjoyable image for your Instagram theme. Bright and vibrant colors mixed with interesting subject matter is a perfect way to do this. Check out the account @walltraveled for some serious color blocking ideas. What a flow they have! 

How to get the look: 

An awesome way to create color blocking is to use user-generated content from Instagram. Feature other users in your content and create a branded hashtag like #welltraveled so that you can pick images that users post and feature them on your profile. You can preview your grid using a tool like Later or Planoly to see how your images will flow together before you post them live. 

30. Changing Theme 


It can seem overwhelming to stick to one theme forever; you don’t have to do that! You can mix and match your themes gradually so that as people scroll through your feed, they see a theme change over time, which can be pretty engaging. Influencers do this frequently; they may feature 9 photos that adhere to a red theme, then change things up and go more pastel purple, to a bright neon theme, etc. 

How to get the look: 

The trick to this is to include elements from your previous theme and blend them into your new theme effortlessly. If you don’t do that, make sure that you post at least 3 images from the new theme so that there’s a clear division and difference between the two themes and don’t have a weird, out of place photo. Also, ensure you have at least 9 or 12 photos in your theme; if not, it will kick your Instagram off balance, as there are 3 photos per row when displayed to users. You want it to be organized and clear when you change between themes. 

Design Instagram Themes 

Here we’re going to work in some fun and creative ways to play around with your photo designs and create a completely unique look for your Instagram feed. 

31. Repeated Instagram Theme 

A repeated Instagram theme takes into account patterns and repeated content types so that your followers can know what to expect. For example, you may post a quote, then a photo, then a quote, then a photo. Or, you might use a particular photo style with repetition, like @muradosmann, the creator of the famous hand-holding photos and the #followmeto hashtag campaign. @girleatworld also does this, with one handed photos featuring food and incredible backdrops. The possibilities are endless. 

How to get the look: 

Choose one particular content feature and stick to it in each photo; or, rotate between content and a quote or graphically designed image. You’ll create cohesion and yet variety; if you use rotating content like quotes and images, you’ll also get a nice checkerboard theme. Maybe you should combine repeated Instagram content themes with quotes and then you’ll have all of these elements! It really becomes a trademark that defines your brand. 

32. Geometric Shapes Theme 

Because you want people to check out your Instagram content, using geometric shapes that capture people’s attention can be a great strategy. When someone sees a shape that catches their eye, they’ll want to know more. 

How to get the look: 

Because this is a type of pattern, you will want to check out your surroundings and take notice of patterns in your everyday life. You could also create your own patterns with your products or anything else that you can think up— just take a look at @succulentcreationzz.

33. Background Design Theme

The background design theme is incredibly professional-looking and exciting to see, but it can also be an extreme amount of work. This type of design theme keeps all of your photos integrated in a way that if you look at your Instagram profile, all of the photos look interconnected. The great thing about this is that they all work together to create a cohesive theme, but they don’t disrupt the user experience by disjointing the whole complete image; each one adds value. 

How to get the look: 

You’ll have to plan this out in advance and create a blueprint of how each piece of content is going to look. What’s more, you should definitely use a visual planner to ensure that your content looks great before releasing it. You’ll need to plan out around 9-12 photos at a time and find design elements that integrate them all into a cohesive feed. It seems like a lot of work, but man, are the results impressive! If you don’t feel confident in doing this on your own, you can seek the help of a graphic designer. 

34. Organized by Height Theme 

Another very interesting theme that you may want to implement is an “organized by height” theme that will put your items in the order of height. This can work with products or people, and it helps the brain to find interesting patterns in your photos. @happygreylucky often uses this with their family, and makeup brands like @fentybeauty often play around with height and levels in their photos. 

How to get the look: 

If you’re comfortable sharing images of your family on Instagram and your account makes sense to do so, you can use them to create fun pictures that pay with height. If not, use your products and team members to do the same thing. Be creative with your photo production and implement these unique and out-of-the-box ideas that can work for your brand personality. 

35. Borders Theme

Instagram borders used to be such a popular feature; although you can no longer add them directly via Instagram, you can use borders in your photos to create a unique collage feel for your Instagram feed. It creates some nice white space on your profile that doesn’t take away from your Instagram content. 

How to get the look: 

You can use the preview app to create this; you can also change the Instagram aspect ratio of your photos so that the photos are of different variety in your feed. The white frames, though, should always be of a consistent size. Take a look at @beautifulandyummy for a pristine example using black borders, although you can also use white or any other color you prefer. 

Clean Instagram Themes 

You don’t have to be fancy to be effective; there are plenty of people out there who appreciate clean and organized Instagram themes with little detail and little color. Let’s see how you can make that work for you. 

36. Minimalist Instagram Theme 


We talked earlier about @k.els.e.y who has been known for implementing grayscale/minimalistic photos in her Instagram feed, so check her out if you want some inspiration. In addition, you can look to @studiomcgee for some great inspiration as well. 

How to get the look: 

This is totally a less is more theme, so you’ll want to keep things simple and chic. The more open white space you have, the better. Also consider keeping your images free of clutter and focused more on simple subjects and simple backgrounds. Colors that are neutral such as black, white, and beige are great choices. Make sure you have great light sources and a few go-to filters, and that’s pretty much all you need. 

37. Dreamy Theme 


If you want to inspire people to feel like they’re living a dream or perhaps can achieve their next dream, this is a great type of theme to have. This can work for travel influencers, destinations, fitness, and more. With a combination of colors, content, and filters, people will rush to follow your account. Just ask @expedia or @waiakea.

How to get the look: 

The main goal here is to shoot content that features incredible, inspiring content and uses a flowing color palette. You want your photos to encourage your followers to think, open their mind, and also see the possibilities through your photos. A filter that works great for these photos is Crema, smoothing out your pictures. 

38. Neutral theme

A classic look that stands the test of time, a neutral Instagram theme can work for pretty much anyone, but you have to be sure that it fits your brand’s personality and aesthetic. If you have a big, strong personality or strong images and marketing content, this theme isn’t going to work for you. A neutral theme is best for those with a calm and relaxed vibe that will allow you to have soothing Instagram content that is very simplistic and minimal with muted colors. 

How to get the look: 

Keep your content within the same color scheme and avoid colors that are super bright or contrasted. White, black, grey, brown, green, and beige are nice tones that will remain fairly neutral. You can add some color pops but want things to stay generally neutral in vibe, like @mybelonging and @french.creative do. 

39. Bright, Beachy, and Relaxed Theme


There are plenty of accounts, like @montageloscabos or @selina that make us want to be at the beach pretty much 24/7. If you’re a destination that’s on the beach, use it to your advantage. If not, follow in the footsteps of @tracey_komlos and find a way to integrate it into your content and business model. If you can’t do that either, focus on the colors that give off a relaxed, tropical vibe. 

How to get the look: 

Having incredible waters and beach scenes help in this case, but if you don’t have that, you can focus on colors like blues, beiges, and greens with a hint of sunset. Use filters to help you achieve this. 

40. Quotes Theme 


There are some Instagram accounts that are completely dedicated to sharing quotes and wisdom to its followers, like @bossbabe.inc. In this case, it’s a no-brainer that they’d be using quotes; but if you don’t have a dedicated quote account, you should still be using quotes and graphic images! This can help you to get your content saved and shared more often as well as tell users what you’re about. Keep them on a posting schedule and they can also help to portray your brand’s color scheme and image. 

How to get the look: 

Use an app like Canva to help you create the perfect branded quote images for your profile. You can also rotate your backgrounds and designs but keep them within a particular color scheme; the quotes theme is really easily implemented with pretty much any other theme we have on this list. 

Eclectic Instagram Themes 

These themes will focus on the individual nature of your brand and keep your quirky, unique side to show to all of your followers. This can work great across a variety of niches and really show off who you are and what you’re all about. 

41. No Filter Instagram Theme 


While #nofilter has been around for a while, a completely no-filter Instagram account is something that’s becoming more and more popular. This was particularly popular in the beauty space for those that wanted to go without any filtered and show life as it was. If you are going for a real, honest vibe, use a no filter Instagram theme. @danaemercer is a prime example. 

How to get the look: 

All you have to do here is literally post your photo. For this reason, make sure that your photos are composed well and focus on natural elements of photography like lighting and framing. That way, you get the best images possible. What’s more, always use your #nofilter hashtag at least in your profile bio so people understand your message. 

42. Rustic and Rural Instagram Theme


Rustic and rural is a great Instagram theme for lifestyle blogs, interior design, and more. With elements of outdoor style, it reflects different products that are durable, functional, and have a natural appeal. With simple and clean photos incorporating natural materials, this is a prime choice for an Instagram theme. 

How to get the look: 

Particularly great for those with a connection to nature and the wild, you want to minimize your photos’ contrast levels and saturation; ensure that there is plenty of natural light in your photos and use materials in your photos that are natural such as wood and plants. Check out @rustichomes for some ideas, or @teahousedesigns. 

43. Overhead Theme


You can take photos from a variety of angles, but if you want a common theme in your photos, you can do shoots all from overhead— give your followers a bird’s eye view of your products or whatever else you feature in your content, like @outofthebex. This style is also called flatlay photos. They can be stunning and create an awesome Instagram theme.

How to get the look: 

Since you’ll be shooting from above, make sure you have optimal lighting that doesn’t produce shadows; this means you’ll need lighting sources from the side. In addition, you’ll need a flat surface for your objects. You can use different backgrounds or textures behind your images, but make sure it creates the flatlay that you’re aiming for. 

44. Tropical Theme 


Similar to the summer theme, many people love the tropical theme because it makes them feel wild, and carefree, as if they had their toes in the sand sipping a margarita. This is great for beauty, fitness, lifestyle, travel— pretty much any niche can take advantage of a tropical theme if it fits with your content. Focus on teals, blues, light oranges/reds/purples, and greens. Take a look at @mustdoflorida for some great ideas. 

How to get the look: 

You’ll definitely want water to be an element in your photos, so shooting at different beaches or bodies of water is optimal for your content strategy. Another good way to prepare for your tropical theme is to set up a pinterest vision board so that you can find images that reflect the style you’re going for and consider ways to implement those vibes into your own content creation. 

45. Patterned Theme


Patterns grab your audience’s attention pretty quickly, so having a patterned theme on Instagram can be very valuable for your profile and help it stand out from the crowd. Patterns, when you really look, are pretty much all around us, so you can have a lot of fun with what you feature on your Instagram. Look at landscaping, walls, flooring, surfaces, and more. 

How to get the look: 

You can use patterns that already exist out in the world or even create your own. You can do this physically with your selection of materials or simply create graphics that include patterns. Buying tiles or fabrics from your local shops are excellent ways to get creative and tailor your Instagram content exactly as you imagined it, rich with patterns. 

Lifestyle Instagram Themes 

Our final category of Instagram themes focuses on your content type; this can work for any style of content that you have, but it depends heavily on the content that you decide to feature on your profile and what is relevant to your niche. 

46. Travel Instagram Theme 

Travel Theme

Instagram is perfect for the travel theme because it’s a very visual platform and many people look to Instagram to see the life they want to live— satisfy their wanderlust. You’re bound to get followers that way and can motivate people to dream more. Give your followers, tips, inspiration, stunning landscapes, and more. 

How to get the look: 

When you travel, whether for business or pleasure, take a bunch of photos. Take more than you normally would, and photograph things that you normally wouldn’t. You can then create different photo sets and even create your Instagram story highlights to correspond with all of your different trips. The rule of thirds applies to travel photos: keep your photo just out of the center so that your image is more dynamic and engaging. If you like, you can combine the travel theme with other color schemes on this list to help have an even more defined image. 

47. Food Instagram Theme

Food Themed Instagram

This is clearly the go-to for anyone involved in the food industry, including food bloggers, restaurants, food critics, chefs, and more. Brands and influencers, however, can also partake in this lovely food-themed Instagram. Everybody loves food, so why wouldn’t you want to share what you love as well? Keep food strategically placed in your photos so that you can create some awesome pairings; you can even do a food feature where you and some people from your brand have a special with different foods. Be creative and you’re likely to find some way to incorporate this theme into your Instagram. 

How to get the look: 

The best thing you can do to make sure your food looks great in photos is to use natural light and make sure that all of the delicious elements of your food are showcased. Take your photos during the day and not in the evening; try out a bunch of different angles to see what is most interesting. 

48. Makeup Instagram Theme

Makeup Theme

There are plenty of people in the makeup game on Instagram, and sharing awesome tips and tricks for makeup is a great way to showcase that. If you are a makeup artist, you can clearly use that to feature the looks you do on others as well as your creative process or how you design your looks. You can inspire people on Instagram through makeup and also create a lot of great brand partners. 

How to get the look: 

Try out a bunch of different lighting and angles when you’re taking photos of your makeup. People also use ring lights to make sure they have an even wash of lighting across the whole face; if you have very good natural light, that can also be an option. It may take a few tries to see what works best, but you’ll get into the swing of things when you see what works best for you. Filters are alright here, but it’s better to get the perfect shot so that you don’t hinder the true look of the makeup. 

49. Fitness Instagram Theme 

Fitness Instagram

There are so many different ways you can create a fitness Instagram theme. You can focus on providing workouts to your followers; you could also highlight healthy eating, sleep, mental health, workout gear, your own weight loss journey— there are so many possibilities. Decide what you’re most passionate about so that you can be authentic and have quality content that resonates with your followers. Connecting with people is at the heart of a successful fitness Instagram. 

How to get the look: 

It varies depending on the type of fitness theme you’re going for, so you’ll have options. The main thing you want to focus on is creating easy-to-understand photos and videos, especially if you’re explaining something. Give your followers a clear and unified aesthetic; do you always use text on your videos? Do you post different tips or use IGTV to share wisdom with your followers? Take a look at @thefitnessmarshall, @wokeuplikedez, @emilyskyefit, @feliciafitnesshealth, and @docjenfit for some expert inspiration. 

50. Pet Instagram Theme 

Pet Themed

Last but not least, if you’re looking for additional content for Instagram that can become a theme all of its own, consider showing off your pet and create a pet-themed Instagram page. This is a fun way to connect with your followers without having to take up your feed with tons of pet photos; who knows— maybe your pet will end up with more followers and partnerships than you! 

How to get the look: 

You can feature pets on your regular Instagram page and use them as a prime supporter of your brand and business, but if you want to take it to the next level, you could even create an Instagram dedicated to pets that use your products in some way. If your brand is related to pets, it’s a given— use a branded hashtag and feature user-generated content. When you create a pet-dedicated page, you can tag the brands and businesses your pet uses so that you can get the attention of the brands and even have your content featured on other Instagram accounts. 

Instagram Planning Tools 

In order to implement your Instagram theme effectively, you need to adopt an Instagram planning tool. This allows you to see how your content is going to look before it goes live so that you can be sure to stick with your theme and post your content in a way that supports it. 

Instagram content strategy is vital if you want your growth service to help you get more Instagram followers and engagement, so it’s well worth it to know the best tools available to you for content planning. 

There are a few great visual Instagram content planners and schedulers out there, including these: 

  • Later: a complete Instagram marketing tool, Later can help you in many other areas, but the main thing it can do for you is to ensure that you keep your workflow managed and visualize your Instagram posts before it goes live. You’ll have a drag-and-drop planner for your Instagram content and see all of them reflected on a calendar so you know when it’s going to go live. You’ll have in-platform editing tools, a media library, in addition to quick schedule options. There’s a free option for one social platform and 30 posts per social profile, so if you’re a relatively small operation, you’ll be good to go with their free version. 
  • Planoly: Similar to Later, Planoly is designed to help you draft, plan, schedule, and publish content as well as analyze your performance data. They offer a content calendar as well as a preview of your Instagram feed with a drag-and-drop feature as well. The pricing is similar to those of Later, but if you want additional features, you’ll need a more expansive plan. 
  • Preview: officially approved by Instagram, you’ll have a powerful planning tool when you use Preview. You can plan posts, reels, IGTV, IG stories, as well as find caption and hashtag suggestions and more. With the free plan, you’ll get a lot of useful features, but if you want to be able to do even more with your content and themes, the Pro and Premium plans might be worth looking into. 

In addition to these visual schedule planners, consider using a graphic design app like Canva to help you ensure that you have graphics that fit within your theme; you can even add text overlay and create Instagram stories and story highlight covers that complement your Instagram themes. 

Final Thoughts: Using a Theme on Instagram

We hope that now you have plenty of inspiration to find an Instagram theme that works for you. It takes time, planning, and strategizing, but when you work hard to tailor your Instagram content, it really shows in the quality of your posts. 

People want to follow Instagram accounts that offer value, credibility, authenticity, and authority. Using an Instagram theme that aligns with your brand will help you do all of those things. 

Which Instagram theme on our list has got you most excited? Which ones do you love to see on other accounts? Let us know in the comments! 

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