Is Growthoid a Scam? The TRUTH About Trustpilot & Reddit Reviews

Is growthoid a scam?

Is Growthoid a Scam?

Growthoid’s reputation has recently been the target of co-ordinated attacks with fraudulent reviews claiming that Growthoid is a scam.

Because of this, we want to set the record straight and explain exactly why listening to reviews from websites like Trustpilot will steer you in the wrong direction

Fake Reviews from Competitors on Trustpilot

Competitors frequently post fake reviews about Growthoid in order to lower our reputation and increase their own. These people sometimes even promote their service in the review and then pay Google to send traffic to it.

Exhibit A: Competitor “FollowFox” is running an ad to their fraudulent Trustpilot review to defame Growthoid and gain customers to their own service.

Exhibit A1: This is where the ad goes once clicked

Please note, there are more fraudulent reviews on the Trustpilot page.  These exhibits are solely examples to prove that we are being targeted and competitors are running advertising to these fraudulent reviews.

Scam reviews like this often mislead the public and a lot of times the sites responsible for housing these reviews, sites like Trustpilot, don’t do anything about it.

Fake Reviews from Competitors on Reddit

But wait, there’s more.

Reddit is another popular website for people to leave reviews and inquire about different things all across the internet. 

On Reddit as well, Growthoid has become the target of the same type of slandering that is happening on Trustpilot. Below we will discuss a few examples. 

Exhibit A: Here commenter viralspy doesn’t even know what Growthoid is or how it works, yet they try to link out discreetly to a competitor site with different tactics and services. With no knowledge of Growthoid, how can one leave valuable insight? 

growthoid reddit reviews

Once you click the link, it will take you to a different thread entirely, promoting other growth services. 

Exhibit B: eMarketerr is notorious for creating opportunities to talk badly about Growthoid and promote Followfox on various occasions. 

misleading reviews for Growthoid on reddit

This user (unclear if male or female) claims to have used Growthoid and then conveniently shares the “better results” that they gained with Followfox, completely unrelated. The idea is that they set up a place to talk poorly of Growthoid and then leave the following type of comments. 

Exhibit 1B: the thread was created in order to bolster the reputation of other companies and allow comments such as eMarketerr’s to promote the services. If you check out this profile, you can see the user is spamming propaganda for Followfox across many different threads all over Reddit. 

Growthoid reddit scam

It’s disappointing to say the least that these types of false claims and reviews have started being spread about Growthoid. Growthoid takes their clients’ Instagram growth very seriously and provides quality services that many other companies cannot. 

Growthoid is NOT a Scam

At Growthoid, we provide the best organic Instagram growth.

Not only that, we care about each and every customer.  We want to make sure that, not only are you growing, but you understand the process and framework behind real and lasting Instagram growth.

And when you pay attention to these scam reviews, because they look so real, you get swayed and could potentially go with a company that isn’t a good fit for your account.