Joanna Gaines’ Instagram: Let’s Check It Out

Are you following Joanna Gaines’ Instagram yet? If not, get over there now! You’re missing out on some serious content and best practices for a successful IG. 

So, Who’s Joanna Gaines? If you’ve never heard of her before, you’re in for a treat. Joanna Gaines is a famous figure in interior design and had been a key part of a show on HGTV with her husband, Chip Gaines, called Fixer Upper for roughly 5 years. 

She’s from Kansas, grew up in Texas, and originally wanted to be a journalist, graduating Baylor University with a degree in Communication. She married Chip in 2003 and they found that they were pretty hard up for cash. 

In this same year, she decided to open Magnolia Market and the duo was invited to join the HGTV show Fixer Upper, renovating over 100 homes. They left the show to focus on family, and that’s where you’ll find the couple today. 

Joanna Gaines

The couple has also launched a line of decor at Target, currently run the Magnolia Journal, have different stores and restaurants across the US, as well as their own cookbook titled “The Magnolia Table Cookbook.” That’s just a couple of things they’ve got going on right now! 

On Joanna Gaines’ Instagram, you’ll find 13.3 million followers that are completely engaged with her and her family’s story and some awesome content strategies that come from an interior design great. 

Let’s take a look at what we can find on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram! 

Joanna Gaines’ Instagram: Signature Decor Style 

Even though Joanna Gaines and her hubby have many different ventures at the moment, you’ll still see a ton of her beautiful interior designs on a regular basis. Her signature interior design style will have you ready to get out your toolkit, or at the very least living vicariously through her posts. 

Most of Joanna Gaines’ Instagram photos and Pinterest-worthy, inspiring, and eye-catching, which also proves to be a big reason for her large follower count. Do you want to check some of her stellar designs out? Take a look at this example: 

Decor style

If you want to check out more designs, head over to her Instagram now! She doesn’t just give you beautiful photos, she also gives you an insight into what the space means to her, where she got her inspiration, and much more. 

This is a great example of how to use captions to expand on your images and engage your audience so that they feel like they are a part of the story that you’ve told through your post. Joanna Gaines shows us just how to make our posts come to life, just like the rooms she showcases! 

You can also find out information about where she got the different things that she posts about, and her blog is very active. This is a great example of funneling traffic from your Instagram to your external website to find out more information and get more views and website visits.

She posts different types of interiors, including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, office spaces, outdoor areas, and much more. You’ll always be entertained and intrigued by the different content that you’ll see on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram. 

She’s also a fan of posting different cooking features as well as outdoor features, which is a great mix of all of her different content pillars for her Instagram as well as her lifestyle vibe that you get from her content. 

We’re here for it! She’s the quintessential homemaker and professional, which we love. She’s truly talented and we love to see a strong, talented woman thriving on Instagram.  

Chip Gaines is Featured Frequently 

Still not 100% convinced about Joanna Gaines’ Instagram? Well, you’ll also get a firsthand look into Joanna’s life with her husband Chip! He’s frequently found in her Instagram content, which is awesome. 

Most people who are interested in Joanna Gaines likely found out about her through her HGTV show Fixer Upper, which she was on with her equally renowned husband Chip Gaines. They have a sweet, interesting love story and this is another reason why people love this power couple. 

Joanna goes into more detail about their relationship on her Instagram account and also shares different moments and projects that they work on together. 

Their most recent endeavor was that Chip grew out his hair and chopped it all off, donating it to Children with Hair Loss, @cwhl_org. She documented it on her Instagram, sharing interesting videos of them before, during, and after the cut. 

She also used this content to highlight that they raised a lot of donations for @stjude, which is really a fantastic cause. They used the hashtag #ChipInForStJude, which is really original, considering her husband’s name is Chip! 

They also share different hallmarks, like clips of their HGTV show, as well as sweet moments like anniversaries, dinners, and the like. They’re one of our favorite Instagram couples, for sure. 

You should definitely follow Joanna Gaines’ Instagram if you want to get an inside look on their projects and where life takes them together. It’s a treat! 

Family is Important on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram 

Joanna Gaines

So, ready to follow Joanna Gaines’ Instagram yet? Well, if you’re a lover of all things family and love to see the day to day life of people living with their spouse and children, you won’t want to miss her IG. 

Joanna Gaines actually has a total of 5 children with Chip, so they stay busy with Drake, Duke, Crew, and two daughters named Ella Rose and Emmie Kay. 

Their oldest, Drake, is 14, and their youngest is Crew, who is only 1 year old. You can find all of their adventures on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram, with tons of interesting and adorable posts about their lives together. 

Joanna shares a lot of precious family moments in her posts, and a recent one of them enjoying the last days of summer at the beach, sharing a video of their day enjoying family time at the beach with activities like exploring, swimming, boogie boarding, playing frisbee, and more. 

She usually keeps her captions short and sweet when she features her family, but there are some undeniably sweet moments that she captures in her posts, and the photos really do say it all. They’re a loving and beautiful family that spends a lot of time together. 

Final Thoughts 

The cool thing about Joanna Gaines’ Instagram is that you can get a mini-lesson in captioning when you study her posts closely. She has a lot of different content format types, like Instagram photos, carousel posts, videos, IGTV, reels, and stories. 

Checking out how she creates her content strategy and all of the different formats that she uses, you can tell that her account is professional, engaging, and offers her followers a lot of value in different types of content. 

In addition to that, you can find that in some posts, she expands on her content through written captions, especially when she describes some of her cooking as well as her designs or projects. This helps users to get more information about the photos or videos and also understand what’s going on in the picture and even where to pick up some of the things featured. 

Conversely, when discussing her family or posting different special moments, she often keeps it short and sweet, implementing one or two emojis to give off the feeling of the post. 

We all can learn from Joanna in this aspect — use a variety of content types and caption strategies in order to give your Instagram followers a full experience! 

What We Can Learn from Joanna Gaines’ Instagram 

When you follow Joanna Gaines’ Instagram account, you’ll get a peek into the life of an HGTV designer, TV star, and family woman. You can enjoy her beautiful and professional interior design aesthetics, her life with her husband Chip, and the adventure that it is to be a mom to five little ones. 

She’s a truly successful and powerful woman on Instagram, and you can find out how to balance all of the different aspects of your life and create an Instagram presence that resonates with so many other people. 

She’s a great example if you’re looking to break into the lifestyle / interior design niche. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you decided to follow Joanna Gaines on Instagram. After all, 13.3 million people can’t be wrong! 

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