How does Growthoid work?

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It takes roughly 24 hours after signing up for your account manager to set up your account.

During this time, he/she will connect your Instagram account and set up the targeting features.

If you haven’t sent us your targeting information, then you need to contact support immediately, so that you can submit them through the form via your purchase key.

Aside from that, he/she will look into your account to see what kind of activity flow should be deployed.

Keep in mind that each account is different, and each account has different limits, or, “activity thresholds”.

When you go over these thresholds, Instagram shadowbans your account.

Once your account warm up phase is completed, our team can get more aggressive, deploy more frequent activity, and grow your account at a faster rate.

Additionally, you can view our how it works page for more in-depth information.

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