Growthoid VS Social Monk

Looking for a Social Monk Alternative?

You’ve likely already heard about the downsides that Social Monk and their services are notorious for. If you’re looking for real Instagram growth that can take your profile to the next level, you’ve come to the right spot! We have the optimal solution for you and your Instagram needs.

Real Followers Easy To Use 24/7 Support

How Social Monk Works

Social Monk markets their services as an Instagram manager service that will get you more Instagram followers, but what you really get is a bunch of fake bot and automation interaction that provides little to no results and may even get your Instagram banned or blocked.

Makes you wonder, is it really worth it to pay Social Monk to put my Instagram reputation and profile at risk?

That’s where Growthoid comes in — you’ll no longer have to stress about shady methods of Instagram growth, and Growthoid will be the only service you ever need. With 100% safe and organic Instagram growth methods, you’ll be getting more followers from day one, and that’s a fact.

Growthoid’s most significant advantage over Social Monk?

When compared with Growthoid, Social Monk appears to be a cookie-cutter follower purchasing service that on a good day might bring you a handful of untargeted Instagram followers. You’ll get a bunch of unpredictable, disengaged, and temporary followers that will hurt your brand’s reputation and image in the long run.


Why Growthoid is Superior

Growthoid uses real and organic interaction paired with laser-sharp targeting to bring you real and engaged Instagram followers quickly. Unlike suspicious bots that Social Monk uses, Growthoid will take your service to the next level with cutting-edge AI features that humanize your interactions and deliver real results.

  • Sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology 
  • 100% safe and compliant with Instagram 
  • Authentic, targeted, and relevant followers for max engagement levels 
  • Full-scale targeting features
  • Results that are continuous and guaranteed 

Why Social Monk doesn’t work

Because Social Monk tries to market their services as a social media management platform, you have no idea how they even provide growth or who they’re going to be engaging with. Your targeting options are extremely limited, providing you with results that are irrelevant and low quality. Not only that, your account will be at risk because of Social Monk’s bots.

  • Outdated Instagram growth 
  • False marketing 
  • Irrelevant and inactive followers
  • Limited targeting options
  • Unsafe services with a high risk of blocks and bans 

Why Thousands of People Choose Growthoid?

Growthoid offers organic, safe, and guaranteed Instagram growth that has convinced thousands of Instagram users. If you’re still looking for more, what about the perfect and precise targeting options and the zero-spam Instagram growth? You’ll also get a clean and easy-to-use dashboard and a quick setup process with no tech skills required. Take back your time and put your Instagram growth on autopilot to focus on other tasks in your workflow. 

These are the main reasons why people are saying goodbye to Social Monk for Growthoid: 

  • 834 real and engaged Instagram followers, on average 
  • Guaranteed real and safe growth 
  • Easy setup with no extra software or VPS, VPN, or Desktop required 
  • Responsive support with dedicated growth managers for success

Social Monk Comparison

In spite of all the limitations and risks involved with Social Monk, they still have pricing that exceeds the plans of Growthoid, making them extremely expensive with a lack of value provided. Only when you use Growthoid will you get affordable Instagram growth with the full pack of features for 50% off when you choose the annual plan option.


Our customer base of 9,000+ users get 834 new followers a month on average.

$ 39 / month

top value

  • 100% safe and secure 
  • Fast and easy setup 
  • Cutting-edge AI features 
  • Advanced targeting options 
  • Guaranteed growth quickly and consistently
  • Smart targeting and filtering features 
  • Dedicated growth team 
  • Fast and helpful support 
  • Unmatched results 
  • Autopilot Instagram growth 

Social Monk Review

A test round with 10 of our profiles yielded an average of only 76 followers per month.

$ 85.90 / month

double the price, lower value

  • Irrelevant followers
  • Safety risks 
  • Questionable efficiency 
  • False marketing strategies 
  • Limited, low-quality targeting 
  • Automated bot service 
  • No smart filtering 

Need more info on your best, customized growth plan? Get in touch with our growth team to get all the details and start your Insta success journey today.

Getting Started is easy

Signing up for Growthoid is a breeze. It takes literally minutes to set everything up. Here’s a quick overview of how Growthoid works:

Connect your account

Pick your growth plan and add your Instagram account.

Setup targeting

Add similar accounts, Instagram hashtags, and locations you want to target and set targeting parameters.

Real, scalable growth

All you have to do now is kick back, relax, and watch your account grow on autopilot.

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