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30 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow (2024)

When you go on Instagram, it’s pretty easy to find travel profiles. As well as curating beautiful travel content, these travel influencers engage with their followers, and build a longstanding community that goes with them wherever they are in the world.

Let’s check out what we think are some of the best travel Instagram accounts you need to be following in 2024 for inspiration.

1. @Gypsea_Lust

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A post shared by lauren bullen (@gypsea_lust)

@Gypsea_Lust is a seasoned travel Instagram blogger, who hails from Australia, and spends her days traveling around the world. She has a focus on bohemian style fashion, and she always remembers to include posts of her in exotic locations with her partner. You can catch this blonde beauty climbing up a Canyon, having coffee with wild animals, and exploring the lesser-known corners of the world.

She has come up with a couple of preset filters, and we think that her theme is not only sharp and colorful, but beautiful and dazzling. All of her content tells a story of the beauty of the world, and she even has a link to her preset filters where you can purchase them. She likes to promote a healthy lifestyle, by including fitness-related content in her Instagram stories and feed.

Lauren shows us how easy it is to connect with your audience, especially when you choose the best hashtags for your content. It’s also important to include a relevant caption, as well as a clear photo. Lauren also uses contests from time to time to drum up even more engagement. One of her most recent contests was offering her followers the chance to win luggage sets.

2. @Loki the Wolfdog – Trending travel Instagram accounts

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A post shared by Loki the Wolfdog (@loki)

If you are someone who loves traveling and loves dogs, then you’ve definitely come to the right place with the next travel Instagram blog on our list. @Loki is a Siberian Husky, and he loves to explore the world with his favorite humans. You can see him in all different parts of the world, whether he is taking a swim in the ocean, or going up one of the world’s most rocky trails.

He has managed to garner more than 2 million followers on Instagram, which means that he is officially a travel Instagram star.

As well as sharing cute photos of Loki and his brother, his owners actually have their own company, where they sell CBD tinctures. They don’t often include hashtags in their posts, but when they do, it is usually promoting their company.

3. @TaraMilkTea

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A post shared by Tara Milk Tea (@taramilktea)

@TaraMilkTea is another Australian travel Instagram profile that has more than 1 million Instagram followers. She loves to include warm and glowing tones in her feed and depict a carefree aesthetic with her content. It is easy to see why this Instagram travel profile has so much engagement, considering how appealing the content is.

@TaraMilkTea likes to do collaborations with other prominent Instagram profiles to drum up engagement, which we think is a fast road to success.

4. @DoYouTravel

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A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel)

Jack Morris of @doyoutravel is another renowned world traveler that has more than 2 million Instagram followers. His Instagram feed is both mysterious and dark, and we love the unique approaches taken to showcasing some pretty exciting places that he has visited around the world.

One of his most popular pictures is of himself and Lauren in front of a waterfall in Bali. This romantic and adventurous photo shows how picturesque places like this in the world can be. It is also a sneaky ad campaign, as he has included the brand of luggage that he likes to use and tagged them in the post.

5. @Spiritedpursuit

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A post shared by Lee Litumbe 🇨🇲🇺🇸 (@spiritedpursuit)

Lee Litumbe is a self-taught photographer, and she showcases her skills on her travel Instagram profile. She loves to create Instagram content around her travels worldwide, and she also loves to share images of others’ experiences. One thing that we love about this Instagram travel profile is that she also creates guidebooks around traveling in particular countries. She has traveled to South Africa, France, Italy, Bermuda, Haiti, and the United States and has a lot of advice for her followers around doing the same.

If you need a pick-me-up that involves being outside, then we definitely suggest that you follow a profile like this. It will both inspire you and add a positive element to your day.

Lee is clever because she uses a branded hashtag on a lot of her content, so that she can ensure that her followers can quickly link with her other content. The difference between travel Instagram profiles that have done really well and those that haven’t done as well, is the ability to find a unique niche. If you aren’t unique with what you are providing your audience, then you aren’t going to be able to do that well. As long as you have an engaging attitude, and you’re curating quality photos, then there’s every chance that you will be successful.

6. @Calsnape

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A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape)

If you want to be an Instagram icon with your content, then it does help having some pretty robust photography skills. With this in mind, we can see why Callum Snape has done so well with his Instagram profile, because his talent is through the roof.

We love that he makes the most of his skills through his impressive profile, where he consistently puts up scenes that you will have a hard time believing to be real.

He loves to include both pics of his early years as a photographer, and how he has progressed to take the pics that he does today. He also collaborates with big brands, like Toyota and Google.

7. @TravellingThroughTheWorld

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A post shared by TRAVELLING THROUGH THE WORLD © (@travellingthroughtheworld)

The next account on our list is a couple’s account, and we’re not complaining. This Italian couple, Tommaso and Francesca, have more than 1.8 million Instagram followers, and they produce some pretty inspiring scenery shots.

They know what it’s going to take to stand out and be seen by a huge audience, and they create content that will make you think you are getting a behind the scenes preview into their travels. They encourage their followers to use their hashtag #travellingthroughtheworld, to create more user-generated content. Putting your follower’s photos on your feed is a great way to connect with your audience and fill out your content.

They have posts everywhere from Rome, Paris, Venice and New York, so there’s no limit to what you can expect to see here. They also have a second Instagram account which is more about them as well, @takemyhearteverywhere.

8. @NoBackHome

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A post shared by Karilyn | Adventure Travel (@nobackhome)

The next profile on our list is a family profile, and the profile itself belongs to Karilyn, the mom, who is also a writer. She says that she has spent 24 hours in more than 48 countries, and she makes sure that each and every one of her images that she produces is super authentic. Of course, she remembers to include her child and husband in most of them, but we think that most of the time you will be blown away by her content.

One of the things that we love about this profile is that they keep things real. You get to learn a little bit about her family with every post. She regularly brings up the stresses that the world is going through and encourages people to get outside and find ways to overcome their anxiety. We think that this profile is super relevant and needed in times like these.

9. @FunForLouis

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A post shared by We ❤ Louis! (@funforlouisfanpage)

With more than 1 million Instagram followers, Louis Cole has been around for a while now – you might know him from YouTube as the guy who ate a live spider. These days, he is focused more on his travel profile on Instagram, where he shares everything he does with his adoring, loyal fans. He isn’t just trying to share content about his travels, he is trying to invoke social change, so that he can ultimately make the world a better place.

He loves making the most of collaborations and partnerships to give his account a little boost.

He sports a powerful Instagram profile with a strong message for everyone to be kind, compassionate, and think about what they can do to help change the world, one day at a time.

10.  @Aniab

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A post shared by ania boniecka (@aniab)

Ania Boniecka’s Instagram profile is full of content that features her life with another travel influencer on Insta, @Stalman. The two share with their audience what it’s like to explore their local, which is Canada, and they also regularly offer insights into many other locations around the world.

Ania used to work as an accountant before she decided to quit to pursue her travel and photography dreams. Now, she regularly uploads amazing images from around the world, and we applaud her for sticking to one coherent theme with her feed, which makes it feel like everything is coming together nicely. When you stick to a theme, you make it easier for your audience to remember you.

She always makes sure to produce and share content that is lively, colorful, and professional. She knows how to curate images that are interesting and unique, and we think that her videos are pretty interesting as well.

11.  @Benjaminortega

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A post shared by Benjamin Ortega (@benjaminortega)

Benjamin Ortega is a French filmmaker who is still trying to figure out this whole life thing, just like the majority of us are as well. He loves to share some pretty impressive shots on his feed, but he always has a flair for the dramatic. We think that his feed is pretty unique, and you can tell that he loves to share how adventurous he is a heart. His photography skills aren’t all that bad, either.

Benjamin has even made it into Forbes, and he is known for doing well with cross promoting his content. When you cross promote your content, you are able to expand your reach across multiple platforms on the internet, and make sure that your content is worth how much time you spent on it.

12.  @Grainedevoyageuse

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A post shared by PAULINE | DIGITAL NOMAD (@grainedevoyageuse)

The mind and soul behind @Grainedevoyageuse is Pauline, and she might not have as many followers as some other influencers out there, we think that her content is impressive enough to be featured on this list. She definitely has an eye for beauty, which makes her stand out. She shares a lot of photos and videos as well as blogs on her adventures from around the world.

She also makes sure to travel responsibly when it comes to her movements. She says that at one time in her life, she was afraid to travel, but now she is more confident than ever.

Since she discovered her passion for adventure, she has climbed volcanoes, found new locations around the world, and even taken pics with her husband in exotic locations. We think that the key here is remaining authentic – the more authentic you are with your content, the more attention you’re going to get from your followers. Make sure that you be transparent about your story to improve that emotional connection.

13.  @Muradosmann

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A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann is officially one of the most successful travel influencers in the world according to Forbes, but he also has a charitable side – he loves to bring fresh water to people who otherwise don’t have access to it around the world. With almost 4 million followers, he is doing pretty well for himself, and his content is easy to recognize.

He includes his wife Nataly in almost all of his content, where she is holding his hand. In fact, his posts blew up in 2011, and he has been doing well ever since.

He is definitely a travel icon.

14.  @ChrisBurkard

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A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard)

Another travel influencer who is a self-taught photographer, Chris Burkard is a must follow. He was born in California, and he quickly gained a reputation for photography, becoming a freelancer for a lot of major brands out there, including Apple and American Airlines.

He has been able to do some pretty amazing things in his career over the years. He has even shot cover artwork for Justin Bieber. If you want a glimpse into his professional world, check out his Instagram feed.

He currently travels the world and takes photos, exploring locations that are simply breathtaking. He also reminds us every day how important it is to make sure that every picture you share is high quality, because people are watching to see how much effort you’re putting into your content.

15.  @lzkiz

If you are on Instagram hoping to find some of the most charming images that you have ever seen, then you definitely need to check out Jennifer Tuffen. She is British, and she loves to include a lot of color in her Instagram feed. We think that their eye-catching feed is one of the reasons why she is so popular.

When she was a child, Tuffen said that she attended many different international schools and therefore made a lot of friends around the world. She loves being in new locations and immersing herself in new cultures. She has even created her own photo editing app, so that her followers can recreate her posts.

16. @Tuulavintage

If you love the idea of travel content being mixed with drama and romance, then you’re going to love Jessica Stein. This Australian beauty is not only a travel blogger, she is a mother. The thing about her content is that it is incredibly authentic and raw, so what you see with her is what you get. She also likes to show off her fashion style from time to time.

However, just as a warning, you are probably going to want to travel to where she goes, as she makes her content so tempting and inspiring. You will also feel compassion learning about her daughter, who has a disability, and Jessica is not afraid to spread awareness around the condition.

If you’ve got something important going on in your life, and you want to be able to share it with your followers, we think that this is a great way to relate to them and turn them into more of a community than an audience. They will appreciate your honesty.

17.  @TheBucketListFamily

Sometimes, travel is all about spending time with those that you love the most, like The Bucket List Family. This is a family of five who sold everything they owned and decided to travel the world. Jessica and Garrett Gee started dating in Russia, where they met on a mission with their church. When they began dating, Garrett sold his software to Snapchat for an eye-watering $54 million, which helped them take a leap and get out there in the world.

They have now been to dozens of countries all around the world, and they have seen some pretty life-changing things. They have countless videos and photos on their feed that showcase the diversity of where they go, and you of course get a bit of an insight into their family life as well. We think that to make the most of Instagram, you’ve got to produce a bit of video content from time to time.

18.  @Mialvess

This South American influencer has one of the most popular YouTube channels in Brazil, and she is also garnering a following in Europe at this point as well. You can watch her discover ancient cities and other locations that are often overlooked.

We think that she is super genuine, and she doesn’t really do all that much editing to her pics. We think that this is what makes her profile so special and unique.

19.  @JamesRelfdyer

James Relf Dyer is a photographer from Southwest England. He grew up in a family that loved to travel, which inspired him to do it on his own one day. When he was just 22, he landed a job with one of the biggest travel destination agencies in the world, Beautiful Destinations.

While he has now gone out on his own, he is still working for a lot of big clients, from Tourism Australia to Canon. When you see his Instagram profile, you will see why.

He loves to share snapshots of his photographer portfolio, which is a great way to showcase your work if you’re trying to get seen by big names in your industry.

20.  @Emitoms

Emily Thomas is a photographer and a co-creator of the Instagram profile @seattleinsiders, which is all about exploring Seattle. She includes a lot of these snaps on her personal account as well, and she is so dedicated to her work that she stays up until the early hours to make sure that her photos are picture perfect.

When she isn’t posting images of her photos, she is selling her artwork online.

21.  @Mr.Pokee

If you are trying to find the cutest traveler out there, then look no further than Mr. Pokee. He is a sweet little hedgehog with a beautiful smile, and he has more than 1.9 million Instagram followers and counting. It’s easy to see why he’s so popular when you look at his Instagram feed – he even has his own calendar, among other items that you can purchase online.

When it comes to travel accounts that really make us smile, this one is up there. As well as getting a lot of sweet pics of a hedgehog, you also get a lot of cat and kitten pics as well. Of course, you get to see where they go in the world too and get to go along with them on the ride. Invoking emotion in your audience is important, so finding a niche that will do this can go a long way for your success.

22.  @LucyLaucht

Lucy is a passionate photographer who loves finding beautiful things to take photos of. You can see her website if you want to purchase any of the images she has taken, or you can just follow her on Instagram. We love that she likes to showcase life’s little imperfections, which means that every image she puts up is really intimate.

She talks a lot on her Instagram about her passion for photography, and how she has experience imposter syndrome.

23.  @Worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward is a travel influencer who uses her profile to record her trips around the world. She takes a lot of professional photos, which gives you an insight into the kind of life that she leads. She believes in highlighting the beauty that is all around us and has a penchant for seeing the positive in everything. We also love her captions on her posts, where you can learn more about her process behind the picture.

She is actually writing her memoirs at the moment, but she is still sharing pics on her Instagram feed.

24.  @Morganphillips

Morgan has more than 400 Instagram followers, which means that he knows how to attract a lot of people to check out his feeds. He focuses mainly on climbing pics, but he also loves to include pics centered around the beauty and mystery of eyes. He is always moving around and showing mysterious new parts of the world that he has discovered.

We think that the most exciting thing about his feed recently is that he has added a puppy to the mix, that you will see in a lot of his posts. If you like the idea of getting some stunning nature shots in while looking at a cute puppy, this is a great profile to follow. Remember, your Instagram profile can cover more than one topic or niche, just make sure that they gel well together.

25.  @Asasteinars

Asa Steinars is all the way from Iceland, and she loves to snap shots from around the world, as well as from her home country. You can see pics of ice caves and frozen waterfalls, which is really surreal.

When she is not snapping pics of her home, she is traveling around the world and discovering new ways to capture the beauty that she finds. She has her own website, and she sells some of her prints through it.

26.  @TheSlowTraveler

Carolyn Stritch is the mind behind @theslowtraveler, a page that shows what it’s like to live and travel through the UK. She faked a trip to Disney back in 2018, and quickly went viral. She wanted to prove to people how easy it is to deceive on the internet, and the issues that come with emulating what appears to be a perfect life online.

27.  @Alexstrohl

Alex is easily one of the most famous names in the world of Instagram travel. He is a filmmaker and a photographer, and he loves to find quiet moments to snap photos of his adventures. He produces some beautifully serene travel pics, and his talent is being able to make the world look like it is literally frozen in time, almost like he has managed to capture a painting.

He also runs a photography workshop for customers when he’s not away traveling.

28.  @CarleysCamera

Carley is a traveler and photographer based in LA, and if you are looking for a way to see stunning beaches and locations that you’re probably never going to travel to, this is the place to be. She is a published photographer, which means that she knows how to take a good picture. She also sells prints of her work online.

One thing that we love about her feed is that she’s super consistent. She manages to achieve the same aesthetic in everything that she puts up, which means that her content is easily recognizable.

29.  @BeMyTravelMuse

Kirstin Addis is a photographer based in California that goes around the world looking for adventure. She also likes to share handy tips with their audience on how to make the most of hiking adventures. She also has her own YouTube account, and she even has a clothing line.

She takes everything from close-ups to faraway landscapes, and she believes that in life, everything is connected, which is something that you can see in all of her pics. She also loves to share her personal ideas through her captions.

Try to make your captions relatable and personable if you are trying to establish a connection with your audience.

30.  @FreyaDowson

Freya is a rising travel influencer based in the UK, who likes to share snapshots of her life and the world going on around her. She shares a lot of stills from the work she does with documentary photography.

She always seems to have something special to talk about in her captions, whether she is talking about the animals she has met or sharing her family. We love that she can combine contrasting locations around the world. She has even been shortlisted as wildlife photographer of the year for National Geographic.

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