#WHP: What Is The Weekend Hashtag Project?

If you want to grow your Instagram account, you’ve got to create great content as well as get more reach for it so that it can be seen by more people. If that’s your goal, we have an awesome solution for you. 

You should join in on the Weekend Hashtag Project! #WHP

 Instagram ran the #WHP for years and would release weekly prompts that users could follow and post content about. They’d give people some different guidelines and topics and a #WHP hashtag that included the theme after the acronym. 

Sad news is that Instagram discontinued the Weekend Hashtag Project in 2019, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of the hashtag to get your content out to other like-minded Instagrammers! 

In fact, there are almost 500k Instagram posts that use the hashtag, and it’s still very active. It’s a great way to get your unique content out to more users on the platform. 

Let’s take a look at how you can make the Weekend Hashtag Project your own as well as other photo sharing projects that you can take part in for content creation and reach enhancement!  

What is the #WHP? 

The Weekend Hashtag Project (#WHP) was created by Instagram itself and was designed to promote, connect, and inspire Instagram users. They’d create a fun weekly prompt so that every weekend you had a goal for content creation to share with the community. 

Now you have something fun to do this weekend— get outside, go behind the scenes with your business, spend time with a pet, or do something different! Dress up different, do a makeup trend, join in on a challenge— there are tons of ways you can bring the #WHP to life. 

You can browse the hashtags that are already on Instagram to get some ideas, and then make sure that you take the time to go out and shoot something for the weekend. 

You simply have to plan something that defines your brand or provides your target audience with content that they want to see, use the #WHP hashtag in your content, and you’ll appear in the hashtag feed. 

Even though Instagram isn’t creating any additional prompts or instructions, the #WHP is still alive and now you get to choose exactly what you want to do. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this old Instagram #WHP prompt to get an idea. 

What’s Great about the Weekend Hashtag Project 

Weekend Hashtag Project

While Instagram doesn’t actively engage in the Weekend Hashtag Project anymore, their account still shines with some absolutely incredible content. The content that is featured on Instagram is typically from other users on the platform, so make sure to tag them and maybe you would be featured! 

Instagram is the most-followed account on Instagram, which means getting a feature on the page would help you to get some serious reach for your content. Many of the pictures are from people just like yourself who may have participated in the #WHP in the past. 

Some previous Weekend Hashtag Project prompts include: 

#WHPcircles: Creators were directed to focus on round objects and shapes in nature, with friends, at home, or in the city. 

#WHPshine: The goal with this prompt was to focus on natural light sources, bringing a lot of unique energy to people’s shots that maybe they’d never done before. 

#WHPoodlysatisfying. This one was a great prompt for those that like to look at the different sides of things. Paint being put on the canvas, butter being cut, crunching the leaves— there’s tons of things that people enjoyed featuring with this prompt. 

Examples of the #WHP 

You can still see all of the different shots if you search for the above hashtag prompts for the #WHP, and there are even some different ones that we’re going to share with you below. 

Weekend Hashtag Project

Some of the photos from the hashtag #WHPshowoff were absolutely incredible, features tons of different things that people excel at, and many astounding pieces of photography. The photo from @herr_pola_roid was particularly interesting with the grayscale and physical strength. 

Another of our favorites was from the hashtag #WHPlandscape, and @danielmercadante took the cake in our opinion. The photo was inspired by Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, and it’s actually not photoshopped! 

Rainbow Road

It was done with a light bar and a long exposure, as well as a hockey stick, of all things! It’s incredibly beautiful and enchanting. 

Our last mention here is from the #WHPstripes prompt, and @bookishbronte had a very conceptually interesting photo that featured her books, her socks, and, of course, stripes! 


She takes all pictures at home with the help of some family members and this #WHP photo campaign helped her to get her follower count up and increase her reach. 

She photographed her striped socks walking up stairs of books, balancing the horizontal lines and meeting the prompt perfectly. This photo was shared on Instagram’s blog as well. 

Why Do the Weekend Hashtag Project? 

You might be wondering why you should bother with the Weekend Hashtag Project if Instagram doesn’t even do it anymore. Well, first of all, we’re hoping IG brings it back— it was beloved by many and a very cool way to inspire people to try new things and get more reach. 

Not only that, there are still four strong reasons why you’d want to take part in the #WHP still. The hashtag itself has 492k posts that were uploaded using it, which means there’s still an audience using the hashtag.

Let’s look at the reasons a bit more in detail. 

#1: You’ll Do Something Productive This Weekend 

It’s easy to think of the weekend as the time to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows and get some extended sleep in. 

But, what if we told you the weekend was the perfect time to get outside, get creative, and try something new for your brand? No matter what type of camera or equipment you use, gather it up, and get moving! 

Not only will you be doing something different with your weekend in general, your creative juices will be flowing and you’ll be infusing your Instagram content strategy with new and unique ways to generate interest in your brand and beef up your content. 

Even though Instagram isn’t creating prompts anymore, challenge yourself! Create your own prompt, and post it to Instagram while describing it in the caption

Feature new people or places, get a furry friend in the shot, shoot from a different angle, use new color schemes— the possibilities are truly endless. Even if you decide not to post your photos after all, you’ll have some great memories from a unique weekend. 

Also, if you make this a regular thing, you can get your followers hyped up about it and create a sort of series, which will generate more interest in your account and get engagement boosted. 

#2: You’ll Get More Instagram Followers and Engagement  

As a result of trying some new stuff out on your profile, using the hashtag, and getting seen by new users, you’ll be able to see Instagram growth as well as a better-designed content strategy. 

Thousands of people use the #WHP hashtag and there are people that are still checking out the tag to see what they find. That’s all you need in order to: 

  • Get noticed by new people and potential collaborators or partners
  • Not lose out on content reach from too many people using the tag. 

Some other popular hashtags on Instagram like #instagood or #igers have millions of posts, which means the feed refreshes too fast for you to be noticed by anyone. When you use the #WHP, creators and other IG users will actually be able to see your content. 

You’ll also be able to gain inspiration from the community and grow your own skills to make your content even better. There have been many creators, such as @herinternest, that have boosted their creativity and content creation by participating in the hashtag project. 

Another good example is @_yaisyusman. His photos averaged about 2k likes/post, but with the #WHPcircles tag, he was able to get almost the same amount in extra likes (1.2k). If you’re looking to reach new people and double engagement, the #WHP can work for you. 

#3: You’ll Join a Community of almost 500k Users 

We’ve already touched on this a bit, but it’s worth noting again because it can bring huge benefits to your account. 

You can also tag Instagram in your #WHP posts and you may even be able to get a feature from the account. That would be the most reach you could get your content, and so much brand awareness would come from an Instagram feature. 

They tag you in the caption when they feature an image, so you’d open your reach up from 500k on the hashtag to millions and millions of Instagram account followers (440 million, to be exact). 

Photos on Instagram’s account have over 300k likes, so that means your photo can drive tons of engagement and traffic over to your page. 

#4: It’s Fun!  


At the end of the day, social media shouldn’t just be work work work. When you participate in a photo campaign or give yourself prompts for creating your content, you can maintain an element of creativity and fun. 

You want people to be able to see your brand’s personality, professionalism, and creativity when they look at your profile, so participating in something like this and challenging yourself in new ways can help you to get interesting content out to your followers and new viewers. 

Instagram Has Options

Instagram doesn’t do the Weekend Hashtag Project actively anymore, but you can consult the Instagram blog for additional inspiration and hashtag projects that the platform is perpetuating. 

For example, a great one that many people love is the #WeeklyFluff, where every week Instagram shares a picture or video of a user’s adorable fur baby. We can’t get enough! 

They also use different hashtags that celebrate world events and cultures, including: 

#WorldElephantDay — why wouldn’t we want to see pictures of elephants on Instagram! 

#WorldCup — great for photographers and soccer fans alike. 

#ShareYourLight: Diwali inspired this hashtag, and Instagram encourages people to upload their posts using the tag along with the AR filter to focus on positivity. 

#MandelaDay — This hashtag celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela. 

Keep your eyes on Instagram’s account as well as on their blog, as Instagram consistently updates people using both of those outlets. You never know, you may just be featured when #ChristmasDay rolls around! Tag Instagram, the tag, and try your luck! 

Compelling stories and photographs are often shared by Instagram

Other Campaigns Like the #WHP

Looking for outside campaigns that can also get you into new hashtag feeds? There are more out there than you think! 

We’ve got a list of other accounts and blogs that frequently do hashtag campaigns. 

One great account is @thepeoplescratives. They have tons of different features like portraits, clothes, days on the beach, landscapes, and so much more. The #peoplescreatives hashtag will get you noticed and can get you featured to their 190k followers. 


Another account is @passionpassport, and this is great for those who like to travel and to share new places. Use their hashtag #passionpassport and you may get featured. They also have challenges once in a while, so make sure you’re following. Their audience is substantial, with 1.2 million followers. 


@Visuals.collective also goes for great aesthetics, and they typically focus on landscape photography. Tag their hashtag #exploretocreate for the chance to be featured to their 48.5k followers and to appear in their hashtag feed. 


An account that has a campaign hashtag and offers hashtag projects throughout the year, @sogoodineveryway is a great place to “celebrate the good.” You can get featured on their account of 10.3k followers when you tag them and the hashtag #sgiew. 


Our last option, @its_my_week, has a healthy 46.1k followers and offers new weekly themes. The most recent one, #myweekofrepetition, featured a beautiful collage of moody photos that included repetitive elements from creators @kjwakes, @myworldmymuse, and @debbiewivell. Check it out and participate for a feature! 

These are by no means the only hashtag campaigns run by community accounts, so keep your eye out and see what you come across on the platform. 

Also, many big brands also have branded hashtags and feature user-generated content, including fashion brands like Old Navy (#BODequality), H&M (HMxME), and many others. Check out their bio and tag photos when you feature their products for a chance to get featured. 

Usually brands will put things like this in their bio so always keep your eye on it, and if you want to start up your own hashtag campaign, you can put a branded hashtag in your bio and generate more interest in your account as well as create something fun and valuable for the community! 

Final Thoughts: The Weekend Hashtag Project 

The #WHP was a great community builder on Instagram, and we’re bummed that they don’t actively give out prompts anymore. That said, who knows if one day they’ll bring it back— even if they don’t, it’s still an actively used hashtag that can help you get inspired and share your content into a hashtag feed with over 492k content uploads. 

Consider checking out alternative hashtag campaigns for other accounts to get your content featured and boost your creativity, and don’t forget to tag Instagram in your posts to potentially be featured from their account of over 433 million!

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