10 Easy Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

Since its release in October of 2010, Instagram has consistently grown and evolved to reach the height of social media popularity. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it continues to hold its spot as number three in the world. 

Although it doesn’t beat out Facebook and YouTube, Instagram has a unique stronghold for those looking to grow their brand or business, increase marketing efforts, and even generate revenue from shoppable posts. This is one of the reasons why you may be looking to get free Instagram followers

It can be difficult with so much competition to grow your Instagram following and gain traction on the platform; for that reason, many different websites and companies appeal to the needs of users in promising them the chance to get free Instagram followers. Can this really be done? 

There are tons of companies out there promising it, and what could it hurt, if it’s free? 

Well, if you get free Instagram followers from the wrong place, you may be putting your Instagram account at risk. 

In this article, we’ll talk about 10 risk-free ways to get free Instagram followers through strategy and real methods. In addition, we’ll give you some insight into these companies that claim to deliver free followers and what that means for your account. 

How to Get Free Instagram Followers 

Instagram Followers

If you’re looking to get free targeted Instagram followers, the subsequent 10 methods are the best option if you want lasting, long-term Instagram growth. 

While we all want a quick way to grow our Instagram following and reach more people, it’s important to maintain a healthy and organic method of growth if you care about seeing real-world results and maintaining a solid reputation. 

1. Try Out an Organic Instagram Growth Service

If you want to delegate your Instagram growth to a reputable, organic service that will create a tailored campaign to help you reach your target audience, Growthoid is for you. 

With expert growth managers and state-of-the-art AI technology, Growthoid puts your targeting instructions to work and automates your Instagram growth with safe interactions that keep you in line with daily engagement limits. 

Growthoid will take your targets and create a campaign that engages with your target audience on your behalf, boosting your Instagram reach and getting your content in front of users who will care about it and want to follow you. 

This is great not only for getting more Instagram followers but also for boosting your engagement, revenue, and whatever other goals you have in mind for Instagram. 

Growthoid can get you free Instagram followers for 3 days when you test their services out through the free trial, so you have nothing at all to lose. Free followers, no strings attached, and a way to gain access to the most effective Instagram growth method available? 

It’s no doubt the best way to get started with some free Instagram followers. 

2. Use Relevant and Targeted Hashtags 


Hashtags are incredibly important if you want to get more people to see your content, and when you know which ones to use, you can ensure that your Instagram content is seen by the people who are likely to want to follow you. 

On social media, hashtags are the best way to get your content discovered by new users, and Instagram is no exception. Using the right hashtag strategy on the platform is a surefire way to get you free Instagram followers with minimal effort on your part. 

When you post content on Instagram, you should consider the following: 

  • Use hashtags that are connected to your audience. When you use overly general hashtags like #instagood and #IGers, it may seem like a fun way to get your content seen, but actually your content will get pushed down the feed so quickly that no one is likely to see it. Use targeted, specific hashtags that your audience is likely to search for or follow for best results. 
  • Post with multiple hashtags. The good news is that you can use up to 30 hashtags on any given Instagram post, giving you more opportunities to reach more users. That said, research has shown that the ideal number of hashtags ranges from 3-11 tags per post. It keeps your content specific and doesn’t spam your users with hashtags in your captions or content. 
  • Strategically insert hashtags into your captions. You can post hashtags at the end of your caption, sprinkled within your caption, or even in the first comment of your post. Find what works for you and what looks best on your content. 

If you’re not sure about which hashtags to use and where to put them, you can do some A/B testing to find the best results and get free Instagram followers through a well-designed hashtag strategy.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Bio and Profile 


When a new visitor views your profile, you have to make sure that everything is optimized and attractive, giving a clear brand image and aesthetic. This means you need to optimize your profile before users view it. 

Here are some things you can do to make sure that your Instagram profile is ready for anyone who views it to be converted into free Instagram followers: 

  • Profile picture: Select a profile picture that identifies your brand, business, or personality immediately. Ensure that it’s professional, the correct size for Instagram profile pictures, framed correctly in the circular format, and is eye-catching to your visitors and followers. 
  • Username and Bio: Your username should also reflect your brand identity and be easy to remember. Your bio should clearly state information that’s necessary or attractive to the user so that they know what you’re all about. 
  • Link in Bio: If you have any external links that are important to your content, make sure you put it here, as this is the only place for clickable links on Instagram. 
  • Instagram Story Highlights: Even though your Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, any previously posted stories can be pinned to an Instagram story album that appears below your IG bio. Keep the most relevant and engaging stories there, and use album covers that reflect your brand and add to your profile’s aesthetic in a fun, professional way. 
  • Overall profile visuals: Think of your Instagram profile as a cohesive grid that flows seamlessly between posts. You want all elements of your Instagram profile to give off a vibe that attracts your followers and looks consistent. This increases your chances of getting free Instagram followers whenever new users come across your account. 

Another thing you need to do if you haven’t already is confirm that your Instagram profile is set to professional. This gives you access to vital analytics in the Instagram insights section that can help you with understanding your performance as well as seeing information about your target audience. 

4. Participate in Conversations on Instagram 

One of the best things you can do is to actively respond and engage with your followers and other users on Instagram directly. 

You can do this in a few ways: 

  • Create interactive Instagram stories: Instagram stories have come a long way for engagement and marketing, and you can use them to get attention from your followers and viewers in a big way. With interactive stickers such as quizzes, questions, polls, ratings, and more, you’re able to get your viewers engaging with your content and having a good time through your story. This is also an indirect way to ask for users’ opinions on your products, content, and other things they may like or need help with for future content ideas. 
  • Leave comments and participate in discussions on other high-traffic accounts: When other users see your comments on a popular account on Instagram, if you leave a relevant comment that is interesting to them, they’re likely to check out your profile and may even follow you. People are always looking for accounts to identify with, and if you can create that relatability in the comment section of other accounts, you’ll have the chance to get free Instagram followers. You can also respond directly to other users’ comments to generate attention and get your username right in their notifications. 
  • Respond to DMs promptly: If a user messages you on Instagram, they expect an almost immediate response. That means you don’t want to dilly dally around in responding; make sure that you get back to them within the first 60 minutes after they message you so that they know you’re responsive and care about getting back to those who initiate connection with you. 

All of these things help to get your username out there and generate interest in your account. Keep in mind that when you have an active Instagram story, a multicolored ring appears around your profile photo, which everyone will see when they check out your profile. 

Having more content to offer can help to appeal to new viewers and get you more free Instagram followers through your IG strategy. 

5. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account


It’s a good idea to use your other social media accounts to promote and link back to your Instagram if you want to gain free Instagram followers that are already interested in your account. 

The typical internet user has on average 8 different social media accounts, which means you’re likely to have audience members on other platforms that have an Instagram but may not follow you or know about your profile. 

Post content on other networks that mention your Instagram account or link back to it. You can do this on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many other platforms. It’s also a good idea to keep consistent photos and visuals so that your brand can be recognized on multiple platforms. 

If you send out email communications or newsletters, always include a link to your Instagram. Also, if you have an external website, make sure your Instagram is linked to your website so that you can funnel traffic from there as well. 

TikTok is one of the biggest social media networks to date, so if you have a TikTok following, using it to promote your Instagram account can be an extremely effective way to get free Instagram followers. If you use YouTube, you should promote your Instagram at the end of your videos or even in your video description. 

6. Tag Your Location and Relevant Users 

One way to get more attention on your profile is to tag your location and any relevant users in your content as well as in your Instagram stories. 

You’ll be able to get the attention of any users that you tag because your username will pop up in their notifications to let them know that they’ve been tagged or mentioned. They can then feature that content on their profile and may get you some publicity, providing you the chance to get free Instagram followers. 

In addition, when you tag your location in an Instagram post, your content will be put in the location’s feed, which means that any user that looks at the location will see your content. That’s a great way to get your content out to more people in your target audience. 

The same is true for Instagram stories— you can be featured with your story in the official location feed, which will get more eyes on your content. 

7. Define Your Target Audience 

Target Audience 

When you don’t have a clear understanding of your target audience, it’ll be very difficult to have an effective Instagram strategy in all aspects. If you want to get free Instagram followers, you need to know your audience in order to create effective hashtag strategy, the right type of content, great captions that captivate, and pretty much anything else you do. 

In order to understand your target audience, you need to use listening strategies to understand what your target audience wants so that you can deliver. 

Look at other influencers and competing accounts in your niche to see what kind of content they’re putting out. Also check out relevant hashtags so you can see what content appears under them. 

In addition, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What is the age range of your target audience? 
  • Where are they based? 
  • What do they do for work? 
  • What hashtags are they likely to search for or follow? 
  • When are they most active on Instagram? 
  • What type of content formats are they most interested in? 
  • What are their pain points and problems that they need a solution for? 
  • What Instagram accounts have the type of followers I’m interested in? 

If you still need some more help in identifying your target audience, you can look into Sprout Social. They offer listening tools, but you don’t necessarily need a third party— look at your own Instagram insights and see which posts perform better and get more likes/comments/etc. It’s likely this content is what your target audience really enjoys. 

As we mentioned above, you can ask your followers for feedback directly via Instagram stories— it’s a great way to gain engagement and get direct insight from your audience. Or, consider using Instagram live and doing a Q and A session to connect with your following and new viewers. 

8. Post Consistently and at the Right Time 


Instagram users are on the platform for an average of 53 minutes per day, which means you have quite a window to reach them and get people checking out your content right at the top of your feed. 

Use Instagram insights to see when your content gets the most engagement and keep tabs on your reach and impressions to understand exactly how your content is performing. 

In addition, Instagram insights allows you to check when your audience is online the most and it will give you optimal posting times, which you should be using to your advantage. The more engagement you get right out of the gate, the more likely you’ll appear on the Explore page and get free Instagram followers. 

After you know when your content is good to go out, create a posting schedule and stay on top of it. When you have a strong amount of content posted regularly, your followers will be used to seeing your content and may even be expecting it. 

You’ll get more engagement, and therefore perform better against the algorithm, expanding your natural reach and the chance to get free Instagram followers through exposure on the Explore page and in hashtag feeds.  

If you need help staying consistent, you can use a scheduling tool like Later, helping you not only to schedule your posts but can also auto-post single photo and video content as well as show you a visual preview of the content so you can post the content in the way that best accentuates a consistent visual in your profile grid. 

9. Host a Giveaway 


One powerful way to get free Instagram followers is to host a giveaway. Giveaways allow you to really get your followers attention and get them excited about you and what you have to offer. They’ll then tag friends and others in order to enter the giveaway, boosting your follower count and reach. 

You should choose a prize that appeals specifically to your target audience so that you get your niche followers to participate— something that they’d really want. Then, set a few required actions for them to do in order to gain an entry to the giveaway. 

Some of the most actions that they can perform include:

  • following your account 
  • tagging a friend
  • sharing your post via DM or on stories

When you do a collaborative giveaway (aka loop giveaway) that includes one or more accounts, you’ll gain even more followers because they’ll need to follow both accounts that are partnered in the giveaway. Hosting a giveaway is a rapid and fun way to gain more free Instagram followers and engagement on Instagram. 

10. Feature User-Generated Content and More People

While you may frequently post content that features your product or service, it’s proven that content performs better in terms of engagement when a person is in the photo or video. Because of this, you should try to include more photos of people in your content strategy if you want to get free Instagram followers. 

This can be done in many ways. You can feature a selfie, you can feature team members or employees, or even behind the scenes videos or stories of your team and yourself putting in work. People feel more connected to people over products and objects, so you want to make sure that you include that human element in your content for relatability. 

Even more powerful, you can use user-generated content (UGC) to feature users who tag you or post content that includes your product or something related to your niche or account. People love to feel like part of a community, and if you feature users on your feed or in stories, they’ll definitely be hyped up. 

This can generate more interest in your profile and get people buzzing about your account, and can even prompt more users to tag you in their content, allowing you to get more content and build a stronger community on Instagram. 

For instance, H&M has a heavy UGC strategy and even lets users know they should tag the hashtag #HMxME in their content and mention the profile so that they can have a chance to be featured. 

Other big brands that have used these types of UGC campaigns include Old Navy, Coca Cola, Charmin, Oreo, Dominos, and many more. 

You can use these branded hashtags to not only boost your hashtag strategy but also to get people involved and get more hype around your profile and content campaign. 

Can Any Company Give You Free Instagram Followers? 

If you search “get free Instagram followers” on Google, you may see a variety of websites pop up that claim they are your godsend for Instagram fame. You can get free Instagram followers and reach all of your goals, going viral and becoming a superstar. 

Wow, easy, right? 

Well, as with most things that are “free,” it’s too good to be true. If this were the case, why wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

When companies promise you “free Instagram followers,” there are a couple things that you’ll be required to provide. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? 

Performing Actions for Free Instagram Followers 

Many sites that offer free Instagram followers require you to perform actions on their platform such as liking content, following other accounts, viewing videos, and more. They then promise to send over something like 20 or 25 Instagram followers. 

You have to invest your valuable time in doing this, and you’ll likely get inactive, fake Instagram followers that couldn’t care less about your content. This will hurt your reputation and will also tank your analytics and engagement rate. 

It’s better to spend your time working on your own Instagram strategy or engaging with your target audience yourself. After all, you’ll then get real free Instagram followers that actually care about your content and will be active participants in your community. 

Don’t waste your time with sites like these. 

Free Instagram Followers in Exchange for Information 

Another common type of site that offers you free Instagram followers wants to collect your information before they’ll send you the free followers. This is another trap— your information is much more valuable than low-quality Instagram followers. 

When you provide your information to these sites, they’re likely to use it to spam you for paid services or they may even sell your data to companies that will then spam you for many different types of things. 

This can put your data at risk and at the end of the day, these companies don’t provide you with real, targeted Instagram followers. At best, you’ll get a couple fake followers that will fall off of your account within a day or two. 

Final Thoughts: How to Get Free Instagram Followers 

It can be tempting to opt for free Instagram followers, but it’s important to keep in mind that Instagram growth is a marathon, not a sprint. Loading up your profile with fake followers will put your account at risk and damage your reputation. 

Instagram also does frequent sweeps of the platform to maintain the integrity of the user experience and clear out bots and fakes, so when you get these types of followers, they’re likely to be removed anyway. 

These fake followers won’t recommend your brand, they won’t buy from you, and they won’t help you in the long term. It’s better to use the methods above and invest in free Instagram followers through a strategy that will help you over time. 

Check out Growthoid’s free trial and get your follower growth put on organic autopilot while you work on your profile! 

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