Best Instagram Bots: That work in 2024

Instagram is the go-to investigation tool for people who are looking to check out new brands, businesses, musicians, and more. If you don’t have an Instagram page, what are you doing with your life?!

So many people use it as a credibility tool to decide which brands and businesses they’re going to support and buy from. 

It’s important to build a reputable and credible Instagram platform in order to boost your chances of gaining traction and building a larger Instagram following, which will, in turn, add to conversion and monetization. 

Because Instagram harnesses such power for expanding reach and generating brand interest, more businesses are honing in on their Instagram strategy. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d agree that it’s no easy task. 

Between content creation, hashtag and caption strategy, optimizing your aesthetics, and creating an active and engaging brand presence, the hours in the day run out pretty rapidly. 

The good news is that there are many Instagram automation tools, or Instagram bots, that can help make your life way easier. While Instagram does have some criteria for how third party apps engage with the platform, there are still a plethora of tasks that Instagram bots can help you with. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top Instagram bots that can help you with tasks anywhere from post visualization and scheduling to Instagram follower growth. 

Let’s dive in! 

What Is an Instagram Bot? 

It’s not uncommon for people to hear the words “Instagram bot” and go, “yuck! Bots! No thanks!” 

Over the years, Instagram automation and Instagram bots have become synonymous with shady business practices and desperate accounts looking to gain as many followers as possible. While using Instagram automation does have a dark side, which we’ll get into later, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid it completely. 

After all, there’s always two sides to any coin, right? Well Instagram bots these days are very accepted especially with the developments of ai (artificial intelligence).

Instagram automation tools can be incredibly useful for balancing your workflow and helping to do menial tasks that don’t need your full attention. Instagram bots can help automate some of the basic things that you need to do on Instagram, such as scheduling posts, gathering analytics, and streamlining your workflow so that you have everything all in one place. Awesome! 

In terms of follower growth, due to Instagram’s strict rules and terms of use, it’s not advisable to use bots for this. We have the best alternative which can help to gain your organic reach as well, since follower growth simply cannot be ignored, and it can be a really time-consuming process! 

Top Instagram Bots

Let’s get started with our comprehensive guide to which Instagram bots will help you boost your profile and keep productivity up. Don’t miss out on any opportunities to optimize your Instagram workflow! Read until the end. 

1. Growthoid: — No Bots Required 

Wait, manual? Yep, you read it right! Growthoid is really changing the Instagram follower game with its super straightforward and transparent Instagram growth service.

Growthoid offers their clients a way to gain reach and connect with more users in their target audience without the hassle of having to do it themselves, nor the inconsistent results of bots.

Once you sign up with Growthoid, they’ll assign you a dedicated account manager that will follow your specific targeting instructions to engage with followers that are of interest to you. 

They have many different targeting options including hashtags, location, similar profiles, among others, and it’s the best way to get followers because Growthoid does basically what you would do yourself, except now you can reclaim your time and they bring you the reach and followers that you need. 

The important thing about Growthoid is that an actual person is engaging with your followers, which in turn generates more interest in your profile and you don’t have to worry about attracting the wrong followers. 

Growthoid has two affordable monthly plan options, both of which has no contract, and they even offer a money-back guarantee. In addition, they have an ultra-responsive support and management team that really care about you and your success. 

If you’re looking to supplement your Instagram growth, Growthoid is definitely the best service on the market as you don’t have to put your account at risk through using bots. 

Why You Should Avoid Instagram Bots for Follower Growth 

Just before we move on to all of the other awesome automation tools we’ve got on the agenda, we just want to give you some insight on why Instagram bots aren’t effective for follower growth; that way, you can make the best decision for your account. 

Instagram has had a longstanding grudge with Instagram bot tools for follower growth, and they have effectively made it so they are not functional with the platform. How? 

After the use of bots and automation tools began to hinder the user experience, Instagram took action and effectively flagged and punished accounts using bots for Instagram growth. They also implemented engagement limits, which means that if you have a highly interactive bot that is doing too many interactions, Instagram will flag your account. 

Instagram also changed the algorithm to favor engagement over follower count. After Instagram implemented these changes, the top Instagram bots for follower growth shut down, as it simply wasn’t viable to work on the platform anymore. Instagram deters bots from delivering results. 

This issue is twofold. Now, bots are still out there, but there is a really low success rate and they can even lose you followers due to such low engagement rates in order to stay under the radar. 

The problem with low engagement is that your posts have no way to perform better; the Instagram algorithm shows posts that have high engagement more frequently, and if people are engaging with your content, it will appear more often, even first. It can also get you on the explore page and the top page of hashtag feeds. 

Bots can’t guarantee you accounts that will engage, and there will be even less likelihood that you’ll get followers in your target audience. Bots can’t differentiate valuable accounts from non-valuable ones. Thus, your results suffer. 

Avoid bot services for Instagram follower growth. Now, let’s move on to the other bot tools that actually can deliver awesome results! 

2. Later: Visual Instagram Post Scheduler 

Later is a really useful Instagram marketing platform that helps you to do a variety of different tasks and have everything prepared all in one place. 

Later offers features for scheduling, Instagram analytics, as well as insights for, gathering user-generated content, Instagram stories, Instagram hashtag strategy, as well as scheduling for Pinterest, if you’re a cross-platform user. 

What we like most about Later is that they’re a visual-based tool, so they really help their clients to have a visual picture of what their content is going to look like when it goes live, how all of the posts work together to create a cohesive aesthetic, as well as how you view your Instagram insights and choose your optimal scheduling times.

Later uses Instagram automation to help you with content posting; many schedulers out there won’t actually post for you, they’ll just send you a notification when it’s time to go live. With Later, their bot actually does work for posting single photo and video posts; it isn’t able to post carousel posts or Instagram stories because Instagram has limitations on that, which means no scheduler can do it. 

They can alert you, though, when it’s time to go live. Later makes sure your content is planned and scheduled at the optimal posting times so it can get out there and reach your followers. 

The tool is really user-friendly and they have four accessible plans to meet any Instagram user’s needs. You can also choose to pay yearly or monthly, which is nice if you know you’re going to be using the service for a while— you can save some money there. 

3. Iconosquare: Instagram Analytics Tool 

Having an understanding of your Instagram performance metrics is absolutely imperative if you want to increase your Instagram performance and gain more reach. Instagram does have its own analytics tool, Instagram insights, but using an Instagram bot to gather and create reports for your account can be invaluable. 

Iconosquare is one of the leading choices for Instagram analytics; they create very visually-appealing graphs and data compilations that are easy to understand, all stored on a dashboard. They highlight pertinent performance data from your Instagram and can help you to manage your insights better so that you can then create a strategy based on actual data and metrics. 

While Instagram analytics is Iconosquare’s primary function, they do also offer other appealing features, including visual schedule planning, competitor analysis, as well as the ability to access multiple accounts from the same dashboard as well as share reports with team members for easy access. 

Iconosquare offers two different plan options, also including the option to save through paying either yearly or monthly. Their services are pretty affordable, and while you can find tools like Later which can also give you Instagram analytics, if you don’t need additional features, Iconosquare is a really valuable Instagram bot and it’s trusted by many clients. 

4. Agorapulse: All-in-One Instagram Management 

The final Instagram bot that can help you in many ways is Agorapulse. Agorapulse is a cross-platform Instagram management tool that will streamline all of your tasks and make your navigation of Instagram much easier. 

One of the most useful features that they offer is an inbox manager that takes all of your Instagram comments, mentions, private mentions, and more, and put them all in one place for you! They’re organized in chronological order so that you can easily respond to your engagements and show your followers that you are available and present on the platform. 

This is such an important part of your Instagram platform; people want to feel like you are really there and that they have a connection with you and your brand, which will then build loyalty and increase reach. 

Managing all of your different engagements directly on Instagram can become quite a headache, so having them all in one place is so useful. They also can include other social media platforms so you don’t have to be switching between apps all the time. We love it. 

Agorapulse offers a lot of other features as well, which makes them a really well-rounded Instagram automation tool for task management. 

They’re a little on the pricier side, but depending on your business needs, they may be just what you’re looking for. Combining a management tool like Agorapulse with a growth service like Growthoid can seriously give your Instagram the competitive edge that it needs.

Types of Instagram Automation: Wrap Up 

So, let’s just sum up the best ways you can use Instagram bots and automation to enhance your Instagram performance. 

  • Post Scheduling: Using Instagram automation for scheduling your posts and planning out all of your content is a total green light. It can help you stay organized and it will also allow you to work more comfortably on a desktop if that makes your workflow easier. Making sure you get your content out on time is really important, so staying on top of it through a post scheduler and automator is really useful. 
  • Instagram Analytics: You need Instagram data and metrics in order to create your optimal Instagram strategy, which is why using an Instagram bot to pull the data and create easily accessible and shareable charts is a big leg up. 
  • Platform Management: automation tools that take all of your comments and put them in a common inbox, or ones that help you to analyze competitor performance and see what is trending in your niche can be really valuable go-to sources of information and task optimization. It really does help to have things all in one place, because there are so many moving parts on Instagram that things can get messy and sometimes engagements get overlooked. 

Remember, using Instagram bots for follower growth is a thing of the past and can hurt your credibility, your reach, as well as your engagement ratios. Using a manual Instagram growth service like Growthoid is much better than using automation for follower growth. 

Final Thoughts 

In 2024, Instagram bots aren’t dead – Infact they have become more advanced. There are so many amazing ways that Instagram automation tools can make your life easier and help you to perform better on the platform.

Your main focus on Instagram should be creating amazing content that hooks in your viewers and encourages them to engage and participate. This should be your top priority— let Instagram bots and Growthoid help you to streamline the rest so that you can make sure you don’t lose sight of what’s most important. 

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